Full transcript of Nupur Talwar's 2008 interview to NDTV

Full transcript of Nupur Talwar's 2008 interview to NDTV

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New Delhi:  Nupur Talwar, one of the main accused in the murder case of her 13-year-old daughter Aarushi, spoke to NDTV in 2008 in an exclusive. Here's the full text of her interview with NDTV's Sonia Singh.

NDTV: The tragic story, the double murder in Noida of a young girl Aarushi and a man Hemraj, is a story that the nation has been watching for the last week. Yesterday the dramatic developments, the arrest of the father Dr Rajesh Talwar, police claim that he is the man behind the murder of both his daughter and Hemraj. But there is one person who hasn't spoken yet; one of the four who is here to tell her story. And she joins us today and that's Dr Nupur Talwar, Aarushi's mother and Dr Rajesh Talwar's wife. Nupur, this must be an incredibly difficult time for you. You've lost your daughter. Your husband is now in judicial custody. I know you don't want to talk about the details of the case. But tell us your story.

Nupur Talwar: Sonia, all I can say is that my life has come to an end. Aarushi and Rajesh were my life. I lost Aarushi eight days ago in such a brutal way and I don't know with all conviction, 100 per cent Rajesh dotted on his daughter. This could, it couldn't be the way they are suggesting this. It's totally untrue. We were such a happy family Sonia. I mean, I used to always think I must have done really nice in my last life to have such a wonderful family. We had so many plans for her. We were planning a holiday, on, on the 15th of June. We had planned a birthday party for her and we kept telling her that Aarushi, call as many people as you want. She used to say, Dad it might get expensive. He said it doesn't matter. I want to do your birthday party. Just do what you want. Sonia, it's, I don't know what to say. I, all I can say, is that I have faith in the legal system. And I hope justice is done. More than that I have faith in God. Faith in God is the only thing, that's probably going to work for me now.

NDTV: Carry you through such a difficult time.

Nupur Talwar: That's the only thing left Sonia.
You have described just now what a wonderful family you had. We have heard all the versions that a fit of rage and all that. To the Rajesh you knew, was he like that? Could he have done something like this?

Nupur Talwar: Rajesh never uttered a word to her. If he ever wanted to say something to her, he would always say tell her this, tell her that. He would tell me why do you get annoyed at her. I mean, she doesn't want to study let her not study for today. I mean he was the one who would always; it's not possible. I've known Rajesh. I'm sure lots of his patients know him and a lot people around know him. And it's unimaginable, one of the most gentle souls ever. It's unimaginable Sonia. I don't think.

NDTV: So you will back him completely?

Nupur Talwar: Completely, to the last minute. It isn't possible. There is someone out there. And I just hope the person is caught and justice is done.

NDTV: You are Aarushi's mother. You are, of the four people in the house that night; you are the only one here to tell your story. When you hear all the rumours and speculations, allegations, what would you like to say?
Nupur Talwar:
Sonia, I was there with Aarushi. I was the one who got her home. We were together. We ate dinner as a family. We talked as a family, we watched television as a family and we went to sleep. I mean, just like any other family, like any other household. We have work to do next day; there is school the next day. And you just go off to sleep and that's the end of the day. I was there. I mean what is there to say about this. I have been in that house. I was living in that house. I was sleeping next to Rajesh that night and I mean is such a thing possible? Do you think any mother could sit through the house or sit there and sleep through that night and you know, just not be aware of such a thing. If my husband was to do it, I mean its beyond anyone's imagination, I mean there are so many people out there, mothers out there, can you ever think, can any mother think its possible?

NDTV: All the police kind of insinuate that it was a cover up, the whole family may be protecting Rajesh, I think. What would you like to say about that?

Nupur Talwar: It's utter nonsense. Totally utter baseless nonsense. They can say what they have to say, that's up to them Sonia, but I know it's not true. I know from my heart it's not true, god knows its not true. He was there, he was watching, seeing all of us and I'm sure he'll do something about it. He will.

NDTV: I know again you are going to fight the legal case in the court, I'm not going to ask you in specifics, but when you've been reliving all that, talking to people, talking to your family members, what do you think actually happened?

Nupur Talwar: The fact is Sonia I have no idea. I initially, moment I woke up and figured that this has happened I thought it was the servant. I mean that's the first thing that's going to come to your mind. One day later when the body was discovered, the police start looking here and there, then the only thing that comes to my mind that probably there's an enmity that the servant had. I mean it could be anything. Aarushi must have been just a witness to something happening in the house. How do I know? How does she know? I mean she can't answer anymore. No one can answer that.

NDTV: All these theories you've heard that Aarushi and Hemraj were close and that's why Rajesh got enraged, describe to us your family, what is ...

Nupur Talwar: Hemraj was a servant whom I had trusted. He was about 45 years old, gray, dyeing, a man who has gray hair, has a grandson, he has his own children, an elderly kind of person in the house. I never had any problems with Hemraj ever. In fact the day, Thursday, we had lunch together, Aarushi had palak paneer for the first time in her life, its a fact Sonia and I remember him saying "Didi aaj Aarushi ne palak paneer khaya, kitni achhi baat hai". Everyday she's eating pizza's from outside, I'm so happy that she's eating palak paneer. I mean that is the kind of thing that they had. He always cared for her. He did care for her. In whatever way he could, I mean, I could never think that was possible at all. Ever, ever

NDTV: So all this twisted thing, that he perhaps was made a father figure because she wasn't close to Rajesh, is that true at all?

Nupur Talwar: It is not true at all. I knew everything about Aarushi. Rajesh knew everything about Aarushi. Everything she had in school or the things her friends were going through in school, what normal teenagers go through is something she has spoken to both of us about. In fact there were times when he knew many things and she would say today I spoke to Papa about this. It is not possible Sonia. It is just not possible. The killer is out there somewhere and we have to find him

NDTV: How are you going to fight this, because you're really alone battling this and I know you have a very strong family support system, but how are you going to fight this?

Nupur Talwar: We'll have to just fight it out at the court. The truth is there. The truth has to come out Sonia. There is no way. I mean I don't think there is so much injustice out there that it won't come out. At least in God's court I'm sure there, not so much injustice. We'll just have to do this and I'm going to do this till the end. I will not just sit back and let anyone say anything or do anything they wish to do.

NDTV: You were describing to me earlier just the fact that this was any other day in your life, in fact it was a happy day, you all opened Aarushi's birthday presents. Tell me something about that.

Nupur Talwar: It was a normal day Sonia. I picked her from her school at 2.30 and we came home and we had lunch together. My sister-in-law was home for lunch. We all had lunch, that palak paneer etc etc. And then I took her to her Nani's house and after which I went off for my work for another 2 hours. I came back. I picked her up from her class. We entered home, just generally sat and talked. She was very excited for her birthday party which we had pre-planned because 24th some of her friends were out of town and she said I'm going to have it ...

NDTV: And today's her birthday.

Nupur Talwar: Today's her birthday. And I haven't even got a moment to sit with her and talk to her or even look at our picture the last day it was. I just haven't done that and things have just gotten worse since then. But yes, coming back to that day, she just kept calling her friends to make sure all were coming and not coming and next day was last day of school, so again they were planning on an outing, who's going and who; I mean that was the thing that was happening.

NDTV: And then you opened her birthday present also.

Nupur Talwar: Then she came home and yes after dinner we went to our room and the courier had come in the morning. We had ordered a camera for her. Rajesh said let's give it to her on 24th but I said de dete hain, it's her birthday party in 3 days, she can take pictures. He said it doesn't matter, I can use my camera, but we surprised her with it. I said nahi de dete hain. So we entered together, we in fact held it together and walked in and she was so touched and we just kind of opened it and

NDTV: I know your lawyers have said not to so I wont ask you about the evidence and back and forth or whatever, but just tell me as a mother, would you cover up if you thought of or had any inclinations, suspicion that it was your husband who killed Aarushi, would you cover up as a mother?
Nupur Talwar:
Would any mother do that? Would any mother sleep there through the night knowing that her husband has killed the child? I don't think that mother would be a human being. I think that mother would be some kind of an animal or something. It's not possible. Even if a father supposedly killed a child, the father's going to do that and keep sleeping there till the morning?
All these rumours, we know Dr Neeta Durani came out. She's spoken to the press and said all this is completely false. Did you know Dr Neeta Durani when you were hearing all these rumours? What was your reaction to that?
Nupur Talwar:
Dr. Durani is like an extended family. I've known her since Aarushi was born. Her daughter and my daughter are the same age, probably six months difference. They were like sisters. They have been a part of my family all throughout. Whenever we're in need, medical problems, in the middle of the night, her husband has come and given us shots, taken us to the hospital, looked after Aarushi, she used to have problems. I have never had any family doctors any. First thing when Rajesh had asthmatic attacks in the night and he was the first person we would call and say please come and he would be there in 5 minutes. Anita has always looked after Aarushi, many a times she has bought Aarushi from school. If I had to go out at night and I couldn't leave her at anyone's house then I would leave her there. I mean besides home and Nani's house, I felt that was the only place that she would be safe. They are like family to me and these are absolutely baseless conjectures, I don't know what the meaning behind all this is. Even after all this I can be hundred and, I mean I'm sure it has nothing to do with all that. There is no such thing.
I know its difficult but tell me how the last 8 days were like? You've really lived a worst nightmare that a parent could and in the last 8 days it has become worse.

Nupur Talwar: It has been hell, Sonia. It has been hell. Each day has been hell to me. To see your daughter brutally murdered is something that I think its one of God's biggest punishment he's given to me. I don't think anyone can get a worse punishment than this ever. I've seen that. I kept telling Rajesh for a couple of days, Rajesh we'll do something, we'll do something for her, we'll get over it slowly, our life now has to now be focused on her, what we are going to do for her, for her memories. We'll find a life for ourselves. We'll keep doing something for her, we'll never forget her. We'll never let anyone forget that she existed for us and he was such a broken man, you won't believe it. People have been telling my family, Nupur you are stronger. You'll have to give him the strength. He's a man who won't be able to handle this. He's going to break down anytime, you'll have to give him strength, you're stronger he is very, very weak. He is shattered. Completely shattered by this incident and now, what is there to say now? I'm not sure he's ever going to recover from this. He will not even be a sane person by the time this is over.

NDTV: But you will continue to fight for him?

Nupur Talwar: I'm going to fight for him. I'm going to fight for this family, I'm going to fight for Aarushi and I'm sure she's going to give me the strength to do that, no one else.

NDTV: What would you like to say to the millions of viewers watching this? What would you like to say in memory of your daughter?
Nupur Talwar:
All I can say is that Aarushi has been taken away in the hands of some animals. My life has come to an end. My husband has been taken away. And I do think there is justice there and all I'm going to say is that I hope, I'm going to try my best to get justice for my family. It's not going to be something I'll just let go. It has to be justice at the end of the day and I'm hoping there is light at the end of this tunnel. The cloud has to move on. The cloud has to move on

NDTV: So you are the only person Nupur who is in hope of finding your daughter's killer. Nupur, thank you so much for speaking to us today.
Nupur Talwar:
Thank you Sonia.   

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