This Article is From Feb 28, 2016

Exclusive: NASA's Sunita Williams On Space Walks And Her Love For Samosas

Captain Sunita Williams, the Indian-origin American astronaut, says India is never far away from her heart, on earth or in space.

New Delhi: Captain Sunita Williams, the Indian-origin American astronaut is getting ready for her next space mission, but this time, on a commercial space flight.

Ms Williams, a NASA veteran and a world record holding woman astronaut with seven space walks, says India is never far away from her heart, on earth or in space. She has been touring India trying to convince ISRO to partner with NASA on its human journey to Mars.

She prides on probably being the world's only samosa eating astronaut and has also been holding classes for Indian students. In an exclusive interview to NDTV, Ms Willaims explains why she would like more Indian stuff in her space bunker.

"I love samosas and I had asked for some special things, this being one of them. My family was able to work with NASA to get clear packaging and they put samosas in there and it was a nice surprise," Ms Williams said.

In earlier missions, Ms Williams has carried the holy book of Geeta into space. Asked what else she would like to take with her on future missions, Ms Williams said, "Something for my niece and nephew who are both Indian, some Indian toys and probably another Ganesh. Ganesh is my good luck charm."

Asked about her religious beliefs, Ms Williams said, "I am more of a spiritual person and I know he (Ganesh) is just there with me, guiding me."

Sunita Williams has spent more than two days or about 50 hours conducting the very tough space walks. While she makes regular phone calls from space to her husband, she says she can't decide if she misses her dog more.

Asked if she is chosen and could take either her husband or her dog on a MARS mission, Ms Williams said, "That is an interesting choice. My dog would age quicker so I am not sure that would be a good idea. But I would get into an argument with my husband so I am not sure, I am still thinking about it."

In a freewheeling interview, Ms Williams even admitted to have dialed a wrong number from space.

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