This Article is From Feb 19, 2020

"Falsehood, Insinuation": Ex-Cop On Rakesh Maria's Sheena Bora Charge

Responding to Rakesh Maria's description of him as a "Mukerjea-friendly" officer, Ahmed Javed said it was in poor taste,

'Falsehood, Insinuation': Ex-Cop On Rakesh Maria's Sheena Bora Charge

Rakesh Maria has made explosive claims on Sheena Bora Murder Case in his memoirs (File)


Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Ahmed Javed has hit back at his predecessor Rakesh Maria, who has made explosive claims in his memoirs on the Sheena Bora murder case, in which Indrani Mukerjea and Peter Mukerjea are facing trial. Responding to Mr Maria's description of him as a "Mukerjea-friendly" officer, Mr Javed said it was in poor taste and "totally bereft of any truth".

After Mr Maria was unceremoniously removed from the post of commissioner in 2015, Mr Javed was appointed as the Mumbai police chief.

In his memoirs, titled 'Let Me Say It Now', Mr Maria has questioned Ahmed Javed's appointment as his replacement. "How come the Mantralaya tsars did not see the danger that this could be an attempt to appoint a Mukerjea friendly CP?" he wrote.

Mr Javed in response said his claims reflected his style of working. He also replied to the questions raised on the recovery of Sheena Bora's body in Pune's Raigad when he was the ADG, Law and Order.

"It is inaccuracy, a falsehood and insinuation at its best! It is totally incorrect, hence misleading. It's a matter of public record and easy to verify who was the ADG L&O then. I would have expected accuracy of at least such basic facts but what can one expect from him!" Ahmed Javed told NDTV.

Mr Maria has alleged conflict of interest in Mr Javed's appointment as he knew Peter Mukerjea, a former media baron. "It was unequivocally clarified to the contrary at that time itself. To further buttress that, the case was transferred to an independent agency," he said.

On Rakesh Maria's question if at the time of his appointment Ahmed Javed disclosed to the authorities his acquaintance with Peter Mukerjea, he said: "What was to be done was done at the relevant time. Before writing, he should have checked with the concerned people."

The two senior officers have shared an uneasy relationship since Mr Maria superseded Mr Javed to become the Commissioner of Police. Rakesh Maria was reportedly upset with his removal just weeks before his tenure was to end.

In the book, Mr Maria has also questioned the role of another officer, Devendra Bharti, alleging he didn't disclose that he knew of Sheena Bora's disappearance.