"Entire Ecosystem Was Jubilant": PM's Dig At Rahul Gandhi Over Speech

"Yesterday, after some people's remarks in Lok Sabha, I was watching. The entire 'ecosystem' was jumping. Supporters were jubilant," PM Modi said in Lok Sabha

Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi accused PM Modi of helping Gautam Adani.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today took several digs at Rahul Gandhi in parliament, without naming him, a day after the Congress leader's sharp attack on him linked to billionaire Gautam Adani.

"Yesterday, after some people's remarks in Lok Sabha, I was watching. The entire 'ecosystem' was excited. Supporters were jubilant. Some people were very happy, saying, 'yeh hui na baat (this is how it should be)," PM Modi said in Lok Sabha, replying to a debate on President Droupadi Murmu's speech at the start of the Budget session.

"Some were so happy with the speech, they didn't even come today. He must have slept well last night. And that's why he couldn't wake up this morning," said the Prime Minister.

Rahul Gandhi arrived in the middle of the PM's speech and was present for many of the barbs. "Some people are positively drowning in disappointment," PM Modi said, as he went on to critique the Congress on alleged corruption scandals on its watch and "compulsive criticism".

Some people, PM Modi sneered, worked only for themselves or their family. "Modi is a member of 25 crore families of the country. The faith of 140 crore citizens is my biggest protection, which your lies cannot breach. The 80 crore citizens who get free ration (foodgrains) can hardly trust these people who make false allegations," he said.

The PM also referred to Rahul Gandhi's jab on a Harvard University study on Adani's rise and said: "Many people here have a craze for 'studies' from Harvard University. One study revolves around the fall of the Congress. I believe every big university will study the downfall of the Congress and even those responsible for it."

Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi accused PM Modi of helping Gautam Adani, whose companies are in the spotlight after US-based short-seller Hindenburg Research alleged stocks manipulation and accounting fraud by the group. Parts of the speech were expunged today.

"There should be a case study on Adani by business schools such as Harvard, on how the relationship between business and politics works, India is a case study... PM Narendra Modi should get a gold medal in this," Rahul Gandhi had said yesterday.

Today, he called the PM's speech disappointing as he never talked about a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) inquiry into the Hindenburg report, which is a major demand of opposition parties.

"Why were my words expunged?" the Congress leader questioned, accusing the Prime Minister of skipping any mention of Adani and avoiding a response to allegations of crony capitalism.

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