Olympics Love From Haryana's Anil Vij Sees 50 Lakhs For Dera Sacha Sauda

Dera Sacha Sauda chief has been gifted 50 lakhs by Anil Vij, the state's sports minister


  • Ram Rahim Singh has been gifted 50 lakhs by Haryana minister Anil Vij
  • Dera chief says the money will be used to train "players" for Olympics
  • Ram Rahim is being investigated on charges of rape and murder
Chandigarh: The "guru of bling", Ram Rahim Singh, who heads the rich Dera Sacha Sauda sect in Haryana has been gifted 50 lakhs of taxpayers' money by Anil Vij the state's sports minister. Ram Rahim, 49, says the money given to him will be used to train "players in all Olympic sports" and not just for a unique blend of kabaddi, kho kho and wrestling that he has created.

That mix of sports, the "Tiranga Rumaal Chu", was performed over the weekend when Mr Vij visited the sect headquarters, which supports the ruling BJP. Ram Rahim is being investigated on charges of rape and murder.  

"The Opposition's work is to oppose, what can I say about it," said Mr Vij after commissioning wide criticism through the financial donation to the sect.

The games played at the Dera are designed by self-declared godman Ram Rahim and are not played at the national or international level. Union Sports Minister Vijay Goel, who was chief guest at the sect's weekend event, said all help will be provided by the government for setting up "villages for the games".

He arrives at traffic-stopping, massive public gatherings in shiny outfits and on a Harley. He has starred in a film called MSG, "Messenger of God" and its sequel.

"I hope in the next Olympics, players from this institute win medals for the country," said Mr Vij, whose last controversy came only two weeks ago when he landed up in Rio for the Olympics with a team of lawmakers and officials to "cheer for Haryana athletes", spending one crore in tax payers' money.

India's disastrous performance at Rio has triggered a new task force created by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to prep and train sportspersons better for the next three Olympics.