Two Friends Stabbed, Left Bleeding On Busy Delhi Road As People Watch

The daylight stabbing of two young men, one 19 years old, in a busy neighbourhood redraws focus on crime in Delhi. Two arrested for attempt to murder, hunt on for others.

Two Friends Stabbed, Left Bleeding On Busy Delhi Road As People Watch

Delhi crime: A 19-year-old was stabbed and left to bleed out in a busy Delhi locality on Sunday.

New Delhi:

A 19-year-old man was beaten, dragged and stabbed multiple times by a group of men in a busy residential area of north-west Delhi, and left bleeding as passersby watched the horror unfold on Sunday. The man's friend, who tried to help him, was also stabbed and seriously injured in the incident that has re-drawn focus on public indifference.

The daylight stabbing was captured in a domestic CCTV camera, based on which the police have arrested two main accused and are on the lookout for others. They have been identified as Somprakash and Suraj.

A case of attempt to murder has been filed against the accused.

The police have identified the 19-year-old man as Shivam and his friend as Mohit, who were allegedly targeted over a petty altercation on Diwali.

They are both residents of Delhi's Azadpur urban village, and are currently receiving medical attention for their injuries at a trauma centre in Kashmiri Gate, where they were shifted from a local hospital after their condition deteriorated, the police said.


According to the police, Shivam was attacked early on Sunday morning, a day after Diwali, when he went out to get groceries for his family; he was accompanied by Mohit. The two were not far from their homes, when a group of men stopped Shivam, and started beating and stabbing him indiscriminately. They then dragged him to a narrow bylane, the two-and-a-half-minute-long CCTV footage shows.

The visuals show Mohit being stabbed when he tried to help his friends as passersby, shopkeepers and even residents watched but did not intervene. Some can even be seen curiously following the commotion to the bylane.

Laster, visuals show a bleeding Shivam walk out of the bylane and on to the main road where he collapses after doubling over in pain. People can be seen walking around him.

Minutes later, a young man is seeing coming towards Shivam with a cloth, covering him in it and carrying him away to a local hospital.