A Temple For 'Corona Devi' In Tamil Nadu

An idol, named 'Corona Devi' made of black stone has also been placed in the temple in Coimbatore

A Temple For 'Corona Devi' In Tamil Nadu

A 'Corona Devi' temple has come up in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu

A 'Corona Devi' temple has come up on the outskirts of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu amid the raging second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The temple has been built by a mutt, the Kamatchipuri Adheenam. This is like the 'Plague Mariamman Temple', dedicated by the faithful to the deity Amman seeking her protection when plague struck the district about 150 years ago.

An idol, named 'Corona Devi' has also been placed in the temple. The 1.5-foot tall black stone idol has been consecrated at the temple in the mutt area. Daily prayers are being held, seeking blessings to save the people from the deadly disease, for 48 days, sources in the Adheenam said.

It is not for the first time such a temple has come up. When plague spread across Coimbatore killing many people more than a century ago, an idol of Mariamman was installed and people had started offering prayers. The place had turned into a temple and came to be known as "Plague Mariamman Temple".

Only priests and mutt officials are allowed inside the 'Corona Devi' temple in view of the pandemic. COVID-19 guidelines like maintaining social distance are in place. The temple is strictly out of bounds for the public, the mutt officials said. A Mahayagam or special yajna, will be organised on the last day of prayers, sources said.