"Power Of We The People Of India": Top 10 PM Quotes On Lockdown

India Lockdown: Some essential activities could be allowed after April 20 in parts of the country that showed some improvement in fighting the infection, PM Modi said.

India COVID-19 Cases: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today extended the coronavirus lockdown till May 3

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that the nationwide lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus will be extended till May 3, and any decision on easing restrictions in parts of the country would be taken after April 20. "After taking into account all suggestions, we have decided to extend the lockdown till May 3," PM Modi said in his 22-minute address.

Here are the top 10 quotes by PM Modi:

  1. The power of 'We The People Of India' has been seen in the country during the lockdown

  2. You people have helped save the nation. I am aware of the challenges you all are facing.  Some of you are away from homes, others are finding it difficult in getting food, essentials. I bow to all of you.

  3. After taking into account all suggestions, we have decided to extend the lockdown till May 3

  4. Till April 20, each district, each state will be monitored closely to see whether the lockdown is being followed. Then we can decide on relaxing the restrictions

  5. We absolutely must ensure that this virus does not spread to any further parts of the country. We should be worried every time we hear that someone in some part of the country has died of the virus. We must ensure that new hotspots do not spring up

  6. If the country had not taken a holistic, integrated approach and had not acted fast, then it is frightening to think what it would have been like today

  7. When India had 550 coronavirus cases, we went for a 21-day lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus

  8. Pay utmost respect to corona warriors of the country, our doctors, nurses, sanitation workers and policemen

  9. Yes, economically, we have paid a great price for it, but from the point of view of saving human lives, it has been a significant step

  10. Social distancing and the lockdown had been immensely beneficial in the fight to control the rapid spread of the virus