This Article is From May 03, 2010

Co-accused Fahim Ansari, Sabahuddin, acquitted

Co-accused Fahim Ansari, Sabahuddin, acquitted
The real punch of the 26/11 verdict lies not in the predictable judgement on Ajmal Kasab, but in the fact that two Indians who were co-accused with Kasab have been acquitted.  

Judge ML Tahaliyani blasted the Mumbai police for the case it made against Fahim Ansari and Sabauddin Shaikh.

Ansari was arrested in February 2008 in Lucknow, Sabahuddin in April 2008. Both men brought to Mumbai in December after 26/11.

Ansari was accused of surveying the places to be targeted during 26/11 and of passing maps on to Shaika, who allegedly forwarded these to his Pakistani handlers. The judge said, "Google has better maps than these."

The Mumbai crime branch claimed that both Ansari and Shaikh attended training camps similar to those attended by Kasab in Pakistan.