"Muslim Brothers Being Misled": Centre's Clarifications On Citizenship Law

"Our Muslim brothers are being misled and instigated against the CAA," Amit Shah said.

'Muslim Brothers Being Misled': Centre's Clarifications On Citizenship Law
New Delhi: Home Minister Amit Shah today said the Citizenship Amendment Act, which cleared parliament in December 2019, will be implemented before the Lok Sabha election due in two months. He made the remarks at the ET Now-Global Business summit.

Here are 5 things Amit Shah said about the CAA:

  1. CAA is an act of the country, it will be definitely be notified. CAA will come into effect before the elections, nobody should be confused about this.

  2. When Congress leaders divided the country and Christians were the minority in some of our neighbouring nations. When they were facing atrocities, Congress leaders told them that you are welcome to move to India and you will given citizenship. Congress had assured the refugees that they were welcome in India. Now they are backtracking

  3. I want to specify, CAA is not a law to take away a person's citizenship. No Indian's citizenship can be taken away as there is no such provision in the law.

  4. CAA is an act to provide citizenship to refugees who were persecuted in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

  5. Our Muslim brothers are being misled and instigated (against the CAA). The CAA is only meant to give citizenship to those who came to India after facing persecution in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. It is not for snatching anyone's Indian citizenship.

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