"Can Break Your Leg," Says Babul Supriyo At Event For Differently Abled

Babul Supriyo reportedly lost his cool after a man distracted him with his continuous movement at an event in Asansol in Bengal.

Babul Supriyo reportedly got distracted with a man's continous movement in the audience.


  • Babul Supriyo was speaking at function to donate wheelchairs
  • He threatened to break a man's leg and put him on crutches
  • "Why are you moving? Please sit down," he told differently abled man

Union Minister Babul Supriyo threatened to break a man's leg and put him on crutches -- shockingly, at an event for the differently abled in Bengal's Asansol on Tuesday.

Mr Supriyo was speaking at the function organised to donate wheelchairs and other equipment for the differently abled, when he suddenly flared up and paused his speech.

"Why are you moving? Please sit down," he said, apparently to a man who had distracted him with his constant fidgeting.

The union minister snapped at the man, saying, "What happened to you? Any problem? I can break one of your legs and can give you a crutch."


Mr Supriyo proceeded to "order" his security men to break the man's leg and hand him a crutch if he dared to move again. And then asked the audience to give the man a round of applause.

Here's the video from the event:

This is not the first time that the singer-turned-politician has displayed a short fuse in public.

In March, Mr Supriyo was on a visit to Asansol, which was one of the areas affected by communal violence following Ram Navami celebrations in the state, when he reportedly lashed out at the agitating crowd, saying he would skin them alive.