Autism Pride Day 2021: The Importance Of Pride For People With Autism

Autism Pride Day 2021: Today is Autism Pride Day. According to the WHO, care for people with autism needs to be accompanied by actions at community and societal levels

Autism Pride Day 2021: The Importance Of Pride For People With Autism

Happy Autism Pride Day!

Today is Autism Pride Day. It is a day celebrated with great commitment and enthusiasm all over the world. Autism Pride Day recognises the importance of pride for people. Bringing about a positive change and acceptance in the community plays a huge role in Autism Pride Day events. People with autism are often subject to human rights violations, discrimination and stigma. According to the WHO, one in 160 children have Autism Spectrum Disorder. The WHO encourages families to have an environment, which supports children with autism.


 Autism Pride Day 2021: Celebrations at Shaurya Centre, Palwal, Haryana.

Autism Pride Day was first celebrated by Aspies for Freedom in 2005. One of the key aspects of the day is that autistic people participate in the events on the day and families share their great success stories. 


Happy Autistic Pride Day!

Everyone is special in their own way. On Autism Pride Day, it's important to celebrate the diversity in people around us and acknowledge the fact that each individual plays a crucial role in the society. So how are you celebrating the day? 

Autism pride recognizes the innate potential of all people, including autistic people. It is estimated that worldwide about one in 160 children has Sutism Spectrum Disorder, according to the WHO. Looking after people with autism requires lot of care, compassion and commitment.

This is a day to share great success stories and engage with them and play or do other activities together like cooking, reading, drawing and even regular chores like cleaning.

Happy Autism Pride Day!