As Akhilesh Yadav Watched, Candidate Was A Crying Mess. No One Knows Why


Samajwadi Party candidate PD Tiwari wept on stage and had to be led away



  1. PD Tiwari is contesting from Barhaj in eastern Uttar Pradesh
  2. Mr Tiwari reportedly facing dissent within the party
  3. Mr Tiwari's seat will vote in 6th phase of UP polls on Saturday
The campaign for the Uttar Pradesh election has never been short on histrionics but one candidate was reduced to a blubbering mess. Samajwadi Party candidate PD Tiwari had to be led off the stage by his supporters, in the presence of his party boss, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav.

Mr Tiwari is contesting from the Barhaj seat in Deoria in eastern Uttar Pradesh, which will vote on Saturday. His supporters say he was "disturbed" because he was facing dissent within the party.

Just before the candidate broke down, Akhilesh Yadav had given him a big vote of confidence. "PM Modi said BJP would take away seats chun chun ke. Let us see how he takes the Barhaj seat," said the Chief Minister, as the crowd cheered. Mr Tiwari was seen beaming with pride.

Apparently still overwhelmed, he took the mic. And within seconds, the meltdown.

Mr Tiwari is still not a patch on another candidate of his party, who hit himself with his shoe at a public meeting.

Shujat Alam, the candidate from Bulandshahr repeatedly hit himself on his head with his own shoe and begged voters to "forgive" him for "mistakes he made unknowingly". The lawyer had lost in the constituency in the last two state elections, which, some speculated, may have led to this extraordinary self-flagellation in public. Mr Alam, contesting against the BSP lawmaker of the area, appealed to people to "bharo hamari jholi" (support him).

Uttar Pradesh is voting in seven rounds for state polls and the results will be announced on March 11.

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