This Article is From Jan 03, 2020

Arvind Kejriwal On Citizenship Law, Pollution, Women's Safety At NDTV Townhall

Arvind Kejriwal spoke to NDTV's Nidhi Razdan at the Townhall ahead of Delhi Assembly Elections

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressed the concerns of residents of the capital city ahead of 2020 Assembly Elections. At the NDTV Townhall, held in Maharaja Agrasen College, Mr Kejriwal spoke about his government's track record and the challenges before him ahead of the Delhi polls. Arvind Kejriwal spoke about education, deteriorating pollution levels, availability of clean drinking water, unauthorised colonies and the safety of women among other things. Arvind Kejriwal also spoke about the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act at the Townhall.

Here are the top 10 quotes of Arvind Kejriwal from his Townhall address:

  1. 1.5 lakh cameras have been set up across Delhi and 1.5 lakh are yet to be set up. Buses should have marshalls, CCTVs and should also get rid of dark spots. We need to have connectivity till the last mile.

  2. Every man, who is a criminal, is someone's son or brother. When he does something wrong, the family starts shielding them. I want all mothers and sisters to stop protecting them. They should shun these men.

  3. Almost 50% of Delhi lives in Kacchi colonies. They didn't have roads for 70 years. Many parties spoke about them but didn't do any work. We have gotten roads and water pipelines made. Sewers have been constructed in Kacchi colonies. We also will build mohalla clinics there.

  4. In Delhi, we have doubled the education budget. We provided better infrastructure. We rebuilt schools, changed desks that were broken, motivated teachers and principals and trained them abroad. Now, we have a 96% success rate whereas private schools have 93%.

  5. One of the bigger priorities is to clean the Yamuna. We have identified areas where sewage wastes are being dumped. We will clean the river in 5 years. You all can enjoy Yamuna "snan" by 2025 polls.

  6. Many have questioned the free rides for women. A chief minister bought a plane for himself for 190 crores. We spent only 140 crores. So I didn't buy myself a plane. Paise ki kami nahi hai sarkar ke paas. niyaat ki kami hai. (Governments don't have a lack of funds. They lack in intentions)

  7. After our poll win, students will travel for free on government buses.

  8. I don't understand the amended Citizenship Law. When will Amit Shah talk about it? There are no homes, no jobs for our children, businesses are being shut, and the government plans to give citizenship to 2 crore Hindus from Pakistan. First, fix your own country, then we will get others in.

  9. Why does the centre have so much love for Pakistani Hindus? What about Indian Hindus? I don't get this. The economy is down, there are no jobs for our youth. What was the need for this law?

  10. I just want to tell the government that let's get our youth jobs first. Onions are at Rs 150 per kilo, potatoes are also expensive. The ministers who are talking about this are not going to buy the onions. You will and you are the ones who will have to leave the country (under the new citizenship law).