This Article is From Mar 11, 2020

"52 Indians Died, Won't Say Hindu-Muslim": Amit Shah On Delhi Riots

Amit Shah also said that CCTV footage is being monitored and "face identification" is being used to track down suspects from thousands of videos they have received from the Delhi Police.

Amit Shah extended his condolences to the families of the victims of Delhi clashes

New Delhi:

Amid crossfires between the BJP and the Opposition over last month's Delhi violence, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday praised the Delhi police for their handling of the situation when clashes broke out in northeast Delhi. Mr Shah also expressed his condolences to the families of victims who died in the four-day relentless violence. The Home Minister also said that over 700 FIRs have been filed and over 2600 people have either been detained or arrested. Mr Shah also said that CCTV footage is being monitored and "face identification" is being used to track down suspects from thousands of videos they have received from the Delhi Police.

Here are the top 10 quotes of Amit Shah on Delhi violence in Lok Sabha:

  1. Questions have been asked about what the Delhi Police was doing. Police were on the ground then, police will also probe and submit a report in coming days. It was a major responsibility to not let the riots in areas with 20 lakh population spread to the rest of Delhi, and I want to praise police for that.
  2. I don't believe in Hindu-Muslim. 52 Indians have been killed in Delhi riots. Will we divide this parliament on the basis of religion?
  3. We have asked people if they have video footage to email to Delhi Police. We have received thousands of videos. We are using Face Identification to find accused. It is a software so it does not differentiate on the basis of religion. I would like to place on record that after 25th February no incident of rioting took place. There have been attempts to politicise these riots.
  4. 76 per cent people who have died in riots in India died during Congress rule. People say home minister didn't appeal for peace. I did, but if had not done that, I didn't say the earth shakes when a big tree falls. 3000 Sikh brothers, sisters were burnt alive, and you say earth shakes when a big tree falls.
  5. Questions have been raised about me, and you have the right to raise questions, but not without facts. During Donald Trump's programme, I didn't go to The Taj Mahal. I did not go when Trump visited Rashtrapati Bhavan; didn't go to lunch or dinner when the clashes.I was monitoring the situation with Delhi police. I had requested (NSA) Ajit Doval to go there and boost the morale of the police. I didn't go because if I had gone there, the police would have been busy with my security.
  6. We have formed 40 teams to arrest 1,100 people who have identified using face recognition software. Narendra Modi government will not spare those who have taken part in the riots. We have also registered a conspiracy case, because such riots cannot take place without underlying force.
  7. We are ensuring that no action is taken against any innocent person. 49 cases of Arms Act have been registered and 153 arms have been recovered. Over 650 meeting of peace committee have taken place since February 25. People can be questioned. But arrests will only take place after thorough probe, with evidence.
  8. We passed the Citizenship Bill democratically after proper discussion. Which clause in CAA talks about revoking citizenship? There is no provision of taking citizenship back, it has provisions of giving persecuted people citizenship of India
  9. I know 25 religion-based laws, Muslim personal law, what is the basis of that? It is wrong to say this is the first law on the basis of religion? Can place that on record.
  10. There have been more rallies in support of citizenship law more than those against. Wrong information is given that riots took place when pro-CAA people hit the street. You guys keep saying hate speech - a ramleela maidan speech said - You are a coward if you don't get out of your homes now. Don't you consider this to be hate speech?