All Senior Congress Leaders To Back M Kharge For Top Post: Ashok Gehlot

Congress President Election: Ashok Gehlot appealed to everyone to support Mallikarjun Kharge in rebuilding the Congress after the party presidential election.

All Senior Congress Leaders To Back M Kharge For Top Post: Ashok Gehlot

Congress President Polls: Mr Gehlot has announced support for Mr Kharge for the chief's post.

New Delhi:

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday said all senior leaders had decided to back veteran Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge's candidature for the party chief's election.

Mr Gehlot, who declared on Thursday that he would not contest the election, also announced his support for Mr Kharge after meeting the senior leader at his 10, Rajaji Marg residence in Delhi.

"All senior leaders have together decided on Kharge's candidature," Mr Gehlot told reporters outside Mr Kharge's residence.

Former Union minister Shashi Tharoor will be Mr Kharge's challenger.

Asked whether he had offered to resign as Rajasthan Chief Minister, Mr Gehlot evaded a direct response.

"I have held several positions for the past 50 years with the blessings of the Gandhi family. Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, and Sonia Gandhi have showered their blessings on me. For me, it is not the position that matters, but what matters is how to strengthen the party. I will make every effort towards it," he said.

Mr Gehlot appealed to everyone to support Mr Kharge in rebuilding the party after the presidential election. "Even Shashi Tharoor had said it is a friendly match and after elections Congress will be the winner," he said.

Mr Gehlot said Mr Kharge was an experienced leader and had won elections 10-12 times.

"He has experience at both state and national level. I support the decision for him to contest," Mr Gehlot added.

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