This Article is From Jun 21, 2021

A Powerlifter From Delhi Set Up A Covid Care Centre To Help Patients During Second Wave

To help people of Northwest Delhi, Sachin Sharma set up a COVID care centre equipped with all necessary facilities to help to COVID-19 patients

Sachin Sharma took care of the most vulnerable people outside his society by arranging food for them

New Delhi:

Powerlifters are used to lifting very heavy weights, but Sachin Sharma decided to shoulder something far more heavy - the responsibility of helping people through the deadly second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sachin Sharma lifts weights for both pleasure and for sport. But in northwest Delhi's Rohini, Mr Sharma has made his mark for an entirely different reason. A businessman by profession, Sachin along with his friends made a Covid care centre within his apartment complex so that it can be put to good use and can help people in need. The centre is accessible to all 600 residents of his society - New Saraswati Apartments. The centre is also equipped with Covid care essentials like oxygen support and medicines.

Talking about his initiative, Sachin Sharma said, “The situation in the country was really bad when the second wave of COVID-19 hit all of us and Delhi was in utter chaos. At that moment, I did not feel like sitting at home, there was a fire in my heart that I have to do something. I am not a government official that I could do anything. So, I started helping people with whatever resources and money I had. The most important thing was that people were not getting COVID care centres, they were unable to get something as basic as an oxygen support, so I decided to help people in need via my COVID care centre, which was equipped with all the essential things.”

The 33-year-old did not just help the residents of his neighbourhood but also took care of the most vulnerable people outside his society by arranging food for them every single day.

Rickshaw-puller Dilip Rai has lived in Rithala village near Rohini for the past 25 years. Before the lockdown, he used to earn Rs 250-300 a day, but it became difficult to earn even Rs 50-60 a day during the lockdown. Without Mr Sharma's help, Dilip Rai wouldn't have managed even one meal in the day.

Sharing his experience and how thankful he is to Mr Sharma for what he is doing, Mr Rai said.

“Since past three months Sharma ji has been distributing food. Even today in lockdown, when I am unable to earn anything, I am getting food from him. The situation of poverty is very bad, but thanks to people like Sachin Sharma, who are helping people in need.”

The powerlifter now has turned his campaign towards COVID-19 vaccination drive. He is using his car to take people from the Rohini area for their vaccination appointment.

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