This Article is From Dec 18, 2014

Three Die of Swine Flu in Hyderabad, 8 More Under Treatment

Three Die of Swine Flu in Hyderabad, 8 More Under Treatment

Eight persons are undergoing treatment for swine flu in Hyderabad, and three have died. (Associated Press)

Hyderabad: Three people have died in Hyderabad of swine flu. Both of them are from Ranga Reddy District, and died in the early hours of Wednesday at Hyderabad's Gandhi Hospital. One of them was a 25-year-old mother who has just given birth to a baby and the other was a 42-year-old man who was brought in a serious condition. The third person who was initially in KIMS Hospital and later shifted to Global Hospital, also died.

At least 8 others are said to be suffering from swine flu at the Hyderabad hospital. In this year, 53 cases have been reported and just in the last 10 days, about 10 cases have been reported.

The Centre for Disease Control, Atlanta, had warned that this season is going to be hectic and the virus could be more deadly. Dr Subhakar, a specialist in swine flu, says people should be more cautious, as low temperatures favour the virus by allowing it a longer stay in the atmosphere. Doctors recommend food at right time, balanced diet, enough sleep, lots of fluid and fruits.

''The only reassurance is that there is no mutation in the virus. It is more virulent but vaccine is available,'' says Dr Subhakar.