This Article is From Mar 10, 2017

Hyderabad Cop Charged With Rape Over Alleged Relationship With Girl, Arrested

Police said that Mahboob Ahmed had been arrested as he violated service rules.

Hyderabad: A policeman in Hyderabad has been arrested on charges of rape over his relationship with a girl. Identified as 48-year-old Mahboob Ahmed, the cop was arrested after the girl's sister registered a case against him at the Kamatipura police station.

Ahmed has a daughter and four sons and his wife has been unwell for quite a while.

The police said that the cop became quite friendly with a poor girl in his neighbourhood. He allegedly took her on outstation trips to Gulbarga and Mumbai. The girl's family allegedly allowed the relationship as Ahmed had promised to marry her and transfer some of his property to her.

The police said that Ahmed had been arrested as he violated service rules and broke the law by having a sexual relationship with a minor.

"We have booked a case under prevention of sexual crimes against children, POSCO, and also rape and abduction as prime facie, we believe the girl is a minor," said Deputy Commissioner of Police V Satyanarayana. He added that the girl has been sent for a medical examination.

"Had he got his wife's consent for a second marriage and waited for the girl to turn 18, it would've been legal," he further said.

The complainant alleged that Ahmed had abducted his sister in a car. However, the senior police officer said that if that girl's family had consented to the relationship, the charge of kidnapping may not stick.

Ahmed's daughter, who is older than the girl, was to get engaged today. The family, thus, requested the police not to arrest him.

"All are equal before the law. Being a policeman, he violated service rules and maintained an illicit relationship. So, we have arrested him," DCP Satyanarayana told NDTV.

(with inputs from PTI)