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World Rose Day 2022: Significance, History & How Can We Emotionally Support And Help Someone With Cancer

World Rose Day: We discuss the significance and history of this day. We also list some easy ways in which you can emotionally help someone with cancer.

World Rose Day 2022: Significance, History & How Can We Emotionally Support And Help Someone With Cancer

World Rose Day 2022: Providing emotional support to cancer patients is essential to their health


Each year, millions of people worldwide are affected by cancer. World Rose Day, also known as the Day for the Welfare of Cancer patients, honours cancer patients worldwide and is celebrated in memory of Melinda Rose, a 12-year-old Canadian who passed away from the disease in 1996.

People send texts, gifts, and flowers especially rose to cancer patients on Rose Day to express their support. Cancer individuals and their families may have psychological effects in addition to the physical stress that cancer can cause. These small acts of kindness can have a significant impact on patients.


Patients with cancer must have a lot of willpower to battle the mental and psychological effects of their disease. It frequently drains you physically, mentally, and financially. In honour of Melinda Rose, a 12-year-old Canadian girl who was diagnosed with Askin's tumour, World Rose Day for Cancer Patients is observed.

Unknown to many people, Askin Tumour is an uncommon form of blood cancer. The 12-year-old was not expected to live more than a few weeks, according to specialists and medical professionals. She continued to survive for another six months, nonetheless, because of her unwavering optimism and passion. The 12-year-old also devoted the entire time to lift the spirits of other cancer sufferers through her poetry, letters, verses, and emails. Melinda truly gave each of her days significance by making a great and lasting impact on the lives of other cancer sufferers.

How Can We Emotionally Support And Help Someone With Cancer?

Emotional support is one of the most crucial aspects of fighting cancer. Battling a life-threatening disease takes a toll on cancer patients. During these trying times, it is necessary for us to provide our loved ones with the care and support they need when fighting cancer.

Here are some easy ways in which you can emotionally help someone with cancer:

1. Enquire

It is acceptable to inquire about the preferred method of assistance from loved ones. Don't assume what they want or what they need. Your loved one can take part in their care thanks to this.

2. Find out more about support groups

Your loved one will get the opportunity to interact with other cancer patients and learn how they cope with their challenging emotions by joining a support group. Social workers or counsellors occasionally oversee support groups. They often provide in-person, phone, and online peer support for cancer patients as well as for caregivers.

3. Encourage your loved one's medical decisions

The impact of cancer largely relies on the other person's body and spirit, even though you may be in a position to contribute to decision-making.

4. Post course of treatment, keep up your support

For many people, this can be a very emotional moment. An individual may be anxious that cancer will return despite being relieved that it has gone into remission (i.e., ceased growing or manifesting itself). The conclusion of treatment also means fewer team meetings, which the patient could have counted on for support.

5. Pay attention to your loved one

It's crucial to listen without passing judgement or offering encouragement. When we hear ominous or depressing thoughts, we frequently want to say, "Everything will be alright." Nevertheless, one of the most significant contributions you can give is just to listen to those feelings.

6. Try what works

Consider the times you've previously assisted one another in feeling better during a troubling period. Use your best judgement and don't be scared to explore new things.

Keep these things in mind when caring for someone that is suffering from cancer. Make sure to stay positive and also take care of your own mental health as well.

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