World Oral Health Day 2023: 5 Oral Practices Other Than Brushing For Healthy Teeth

This World Oral Health Day let's take a look at some of the best practices other than brushing that can help keep your teeth healthy.

World Oral Health Day 2023: 5 Oral Practices Other Than Brushing For Healthy Teeth

World Oral Health Day is observed on March 20 every year

World Oral Health Day is observed on March 20, every year. The day aims to create awareness about the significance of oral health. It also tries to educate individuals about the different oral hygiene practices that one should be following on daily basis. In the year 2021, a three-year-long theme was launched for World Oral Health Day, that is, "Be Proud of Your Mouth." This year this theme will focus on the importance of caring for your mouth at every stage of life. Brushing twice a day is considered as the primary step to keep your teeth healthy. But what about the other lesser-known oral care tips? This World Oral Health Day, let's discuss these.

World Oral Health Day 2023: Oral care tips you must know

1. Flossing

Flossing is considered as important as brushing. It helps get rid of food particles stuck between your teeth. Flossing also reduces plaque and lowers inflammation. Unlike brushing, flossing once a day is enough to keep your teeth healthy.

2. Tongue cleaning

Your tongue can accumulate several unwanted particles which can lead to a bad mouth odour. Not cleaning your tongue can also lead to several mouth-related issues. Plaque can also build up on your tongue. Therefore, make it a routine to clean your tongue regularly.

3. Drinking water

Something as simple as drinking water can help you maintain a healthy mouth. Drinking water helps clear food particles from your mouth. It also reduces the negative impact of acidic foods and drinks on your teeth.

4. Mouth washing

Using a mouthwash helps improve oral health in several ways. It helps clean the hard-to-brush areas of the mouth. It boosts gum health and reduces bad breath. A mouthwash may also help reduce the amount of acid in the mouth.

5. Visit a dentist regularly

It is recommended to visit a dentist twice a year, even if you are not experiencing any dental issues. Regular check-ups and clean-ups can help prevent any potential oral issues.

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