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World COPD Day 2018: Top Home Remedies For COPD Patients To Ease Breathlessness

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a chronic inflammatory lung disease which obstructs airflow from the lungs. The condition causes breathlessness and needs to be managed with proper exercise and healthy lifestyle.

World COPD Day 2018: Top Home Remedies For COPD Patients To Ease Breathlessness

November 21 is observed as World COPD Day


  • Turmeric can be helpful for COPD patients
  • COPD patients should practice breathing exercises
  • Aqua aerobics and aqua yoga can help people with COPD

November 21 is observed as World COPD Day. COPD is short for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is a chronic inflammatory lung disease which obstructs airflow from the lungs. It results in difficulty in breathing, mucus, cough and wheezing. Long-term exposure to harmful gases, particulate matter and cigarette smoke can cause COPD. COPD puts people at increased risk of lung cancer, heart disease and a various other conditions. The aim of World COPD Day is to raise awareness about the condition which affects many people across the world. The idea behind World COPD Day is to reduce COPD burden with the help of healthcare professionals, educators and the general public.

The theme for World COPD Day 2018 is "Never too early, never too late." It is important to know that a person suffering from COPD will find it difficult to breathe even with minimal activity. It may cause lips or fingernails to turn blue or gray. Severity of the condition depends on the extent of lung damage. In this article we talk about some effective home remedies which can help in dealing with COPD.

Home remedies for COPD patients to ease breathlessness

1. Quit smoking

Smoking is the main cause of COPD. Cigarette smoke exposes your lungs to an irritant which causes physical damage. 8 out of 20 COPD deaths are because of smoking. Smoking around children can slow down development and growth of their lungs, and also make them more susceptible to chronic lung disease as adults.

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2. Take less stress

Challenges of coping up with a disease like COPD can make people suffer from depression, stress and anxiety. Such negative feelings can affect a person's ability to manage the condition, quality of life and overall health. It is thus important for COPD patients to work towards managing their stress by engaging in hobbies or even seeking medical help if required.

3. Stay physically active

Shortness of breath caused by COPD can make it difficult for patients to stay active. It is thus important to improve your fitness levels in order to reduce symptoms of shortness of breath. Engaging in exercises like walking, jogging and biking can be helpful. Water-based exercises like aqua yoga or aqua aerobics can also help in dealing with COPD and improving fitness levels.


Exercising is important for COPD patients to maintain their fitness levels
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4. Essential oils

Essential oils can help in reducing COPD symptoms. Essential oils of Myrtol, eucalyptus and orange can reduce airway inflammation.

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5. Maintain healthy weight

Carrying more weight or being overweight makes your lungs and heart work harder, thus making breathing more difficult. It can also increase risks of sleep apnea, diabetes and gastroesophageal reflux disease. At the same time, it is also important to maintain a healthy weight in case you are underweight. Being underweight can worsen lung disease and cause more frequent flare ups. Eating healthy and nutritious foods along with regular exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy weight.

6. Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies with the help or turmeric or ginseng can prove to be beneficial for people with COPD. Curcumin in turmeric can suppress airway inflammation. Ginseng, on the other hand, can help in reducing symptoms of COPD.

7. Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are an effective home remedy for COPD patients as they help in reducing breathlessness.

This World COPD Day, the aim should be to raise awareness about the condition and how to manage it with some of the most natural remedies. Happy World COPD Day every one!

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