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World Brain Day 2019 Focuses On Migraine And Importance Of Its Early Diagnosis And Treatment

World Brain Day 2019 Theme is Migraine: The Painful Truth. The theme aims at raising awareness about migraine, which is known to be one impactful neurological diseases in the world.

World Brain Day 2019 Focuses On Migraine And Importance Of Its Early Diagnosis And Treatment

World Brain Day 2019: Migraine is usually under-diagnosed, under-recognised and under-treated


  • Migraine is quite common and is a major disabling disease
  • It can impact a person's day-to-day functioning
  • It causes headache, vomiting and dizziness

World Brain Day is observed on July 22. The day aims at promoting interest of neurology. Previously, World Brain Day has covered topics like dementia, epilepsy and stroke, in cooperation with other societies. Last year, World Brain Day focused on "Clean air for a Healthy Brain", shifting its focus towards environment. The theme signified that pollution poses a major problem to brain health. World Brain Day 2019 theme is "Migraine: The Painful Truth". After an in-depth review of how environment damages the brain, this year, the focus is on migraine, which is known to be one of world's most common brain diseases.


World Brain Day 2019: Migraine is a disease which can cause major headaches
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World Brain Day 2019: Theme and Significance

This year, World Brain Day aims at bringing migraine out of the shadows for creating a broader understanding how severely migraine affects those living with the disease. The idea is to highlight how deeply it affects the society worldwide. Migraine affects a vast population around the world and the ripple effect it has on households and economies is quite significant.

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Migraine has a global impact. It is a condition which is essentially characterised by severe head pain, vomiting dizziness, cognitive impairment, vertigo, sensitivity to light, sound and touch. Migraine is a disabling neurological disease. Early diagnosis and treatment can help migraine patients have a better quality of life.

On this World Brain Day, the aim is to improve standard of care for those living with migraine, regardless of their location. Awareness is the key in the case. There need to spread awareness about widespread impact of the disease, and focus on the gaps in its treatment and awareness.

Migraine is quite common and is a major disabling disease that can nearly impact every aspect of a person's life. In most cases, the condition is under-diagnosed, under-recognised and under-treated. More research is needed towards improving diagnosis and treatment of migraine.

This World Brain Day, the idea is to raise people's knowledge about migraine as a pervasive and one of the most impactful neurological disorders in the world. On this day, efforts will also be made in terms of positioning migraine as a public health and research priority, and outline a strategy to increase access to its treatment - regardless of gender, age and cultural or geographic location.

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World Brain Day: Migraine home remedies

Following are some of the most effective home remedies for migraine that can help you

1. Put icepack on forehead, scalp or neck to get some relief. It can help in reducing migraine pain.

2. Be in a dark and quiet room. Bright light and loud noises can make migraine headaches even worse.

3. Exercise regularly. But don't do it when you're in the middle of a migraine attack. Regular exercise can prevent headaches. It is anyway extremely important for good health and weight loss.


World Brain Day 2019: Regular exercise can prevent migraine attack
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4. Have more magnesium. Leafy green veggies, whole grains and nuts are rich in magnesium. They are good for brain health and can prevent migraine attack.

5. Sleep well. Getting a good night's sleep - good quality sleep, neither too less nor too much - is important to prevent headaches and keep migraine under control. Try sleeping 7 to 8 hours every night.

6. Practice yoga. Yoga can calm you down and also reduce risk of migraine attack.

This World Brain Day 2019, increase as much awareness as possible about migraine and help migraine patients with early diagnosis and timely treatment.

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