These Muscle Strengthening Exercises Can Help Correct Your Posture When Standing

Poor posture while standing can harm your health in many ways unknowingly. Here are a few exercises from expert that can help you correct your posture.

These Muscle Strengthening Exercises Can Help Correct Your Posture When Standing

Poor posture can affect your bones and muscles


  • Poor posture while standing can affect several muscles
  • Poor posture is harmful to your bones and muscles
  • Watch the video here to know correct standing posture

Often we do not realise the impact our everyday activities can have on our posture and spinal alignment. From sitting in a certain manner to walking or standing in a particular position, these simple actions can have a significant effect on our health. Fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala along with physiotherapist Dr. Hemakshi Basu demonstrate through a series of videos shared on Yasmin's Instagram timeline, how to improve your posture when you stand. In the videos, Dr. Hemakshi Basu explained the impact of the Lordotic Posture or Hyper-arched Lower Back on your muscles, abdomen, and back. In the long run, this posture can lead to severe back-related health problems.

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Yasmin shared the video along with the caption wherein she explained what the lordotic posture is. She wrote, “Do you stand with your butt and belly sticking out like a pregnant lady? This posture where you are arched in your lower back is called Lordotic Posture or Hyper Arched Lower Back.”

Standing in this posture can have detrimental effects on your back and spine. Yasmin explained, “If you are not in pain, it may seem normal. But being in this posture, in the long term shortens the hip flexor and back muscles, and puts a  load on the spine. Not just that, your buttocks and abdominal region lengthen causing them to be misaligned.”

The exercises demonstrated by Yasmin to improve posture are as follows: 

1) Articulated Glute Bridge

Begin by lying down on your back on a mat and fold your knees upwards. Cross your arms across your chest and drop your sternum down to ensure your spine is flat. Place a pillow between your knee and squeeze the pillow and your buttocks and glutes and lift your tail bone and hold the position. Squeeze the pillow again and lower your tailbone to the mat. Repeat this exercise six times.

2) Alternate Leg Lifts 

Continue lying flat on your back with your knees folded upwards. This exercise is to help strengthen abdominal muscles. Ensure you keep your back flat against the mat. Lift each leg at a 90-degree angle. Repeat with each leg six times.

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3) Pelvic Tilts Against The Wall

Stand up straight and make sure your back is against a wall. Keep your splat stuck flat against the wall and engage your glutes, drop your sternum towards the wall and hold. Relax and repeat. In case this position hurts, move ahead a little but continue leaning against the wall by softening your knees slightly. When you relax after engaging your glutes ensure you do not straighten your knees as that could cause strain on your hamstring muscles.

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Add these exercises to your regular workout routine for good posture and a healthy spinal alignment.

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