This Article is From Feb 06, 2023

Nutrition: 5 Adverse Effects of Drinking Fruit Juice Everyday, According To A Nutritionist

Continue reading as we share ways in which consuming fruit juices might be bad for your body.

Nutrition: 5 Adverse Effects of Drinking Fruit Juice Everyday, According To A Nutritionist

Fruit juices may be healthier than sodas and sugary drinks but are low in fibre

Fruits are a food group commonly recognised for its health benefits. Similarly, we also often talk about fruit juices being a great alternative to sugary sodas and packaged drinks. However, is fruit juices really that healthy?

In one of her recent Instagram reels, nutritionist Lovneet Batra shares 5 ways in which drinking fruit juices affects our negatively. Here are 5 bad effects of drinking fruit juice according to her:

  • Higher insulin spikes
  • Low fibre
  • Low nutrient value
  • Increases cravings
  • High in glycemic load

She continues by writing, “Drinking a glass of fruit juice everyday may seem like a healthy way to start the day. Unfortunately, it is not.

One of the main problems with fruit juice is that it is high in calories and sugar, low in fibre, have high acid content and lacks vital nutrients.

When you turn fruit into juice, you are losing the insoluble fibre, which is an essential nutrient and helps delay absorption of the sugar. Take the fibre away and you are just drinking sugar and calories

While, whole, fresh fruit is full of fibre. Fibre-rich fruits can help you feel full while eating fewer calories. Dietary fibre in fruits can also help reduce cholesterol and may lower the risk for heart disease. Whole fruits also have more filling fire, more antioxidants, and about 35% less sugar than 100% fruit juice.”

Look at her reel:

Hence, it is ideal to only consume fruit juices occasionally instead of on a daily basis. 

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