Father's day: Top 10 Gifts Your Father Will Love This Father's Day

Father's Day 2018: This Father's Day, give your father these amazing gifts which help in bringing an improvement to his health and will also reduce his stress.

Father's day: Top 10 Gifts Your Father Will Love This Father's Day

Father's day 2018 is celebrated on June 17


  1. Try spending time with your father on Father's Day
  2. Gift him a gym or yoga membership to include exercise in his routine
  3. Ask him to inculcate healthy eating habits in his lifestyle

Our fathers have provided us with the gift of life, and every year on the third Sunday of June, we dedicate a day to him. On this day, we make sure that we show our dad how much we value him in our lives. Father's Day 2018 will be celebrated this year on the 17th of June. And every single one of you will be wondering how to make it special for him this year. Like every other time, your father will deny any thing that he needs. So, what possible gift can you give him that makes this year different? This year, you can ditch the regular perfumes, wrist watch, shirts, belts and many other such materialistic gifts. This Father's Day give your father a chance to add a couple of years to his life. There is nothing better than gifting your father with a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 10 healthy gifts for your father this Father's day:

1. Activity tracker

An activity tracker is a small wrist band that can account for the number of steps your father takes throughout the day. Sitting at one place or constant travelling in cars can make your father obese and unfit. An activity tracker can encourage your father to complete almost 10,000 steps a day. Completing such goals can make your him more fit than he was before.

2. A vacation

A vacation to a peaceful place like the hills or seaside can help in reducing your father's work stress. Your father may have spent most of his life working and earning for your health, education and well-being. This time, you play your role in helping him relax his body. A vacation to the hills can help him indulge in a trek or a hike. A relaxing vacation will de-stress your father like never before.

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3. Gym membership

Fathers always think of joining the gym to get fit. But due to their busy schedule they forget to enroll a gym membership. This delays their wish to remain fit. This is where we come in. If your father is too busy to buy a gym membership for himself, you can buy it for him. Exercising regularly is important for the body in order to prevent obesity and numerous other health conditions.


Gift your father gym membership in order to encourage him to exercise regularly
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4. Appointment with nutritionist

Fathers often tend to forget about the importance of a healthy diet. They find it convenient to eat foods high in calories, fat, carbs, etc. Such foods can increase the level of bad cholesterol in their body. This makes the body prone to higher risks of cardiovascular diseases. Get your father an appointment with the nutritionist. The nutritionist will help your father choose his food correctly. Also make sure your father follows the healthy diet.

5. Bag of walnuts

Nuts are very good for heart health. Gift your father a bag full of walnut. Walnuts are one of the healthiest variety of nuts. Omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts help in reducing oxidative stress in brain. These omega-3 fatty acids also help in improving the function of the central nervous system. Consumption of enough walnuts on a regular basis can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Gift your father a bag of walnuts this Father's day
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6. Heart rate tracker

A heart rate tracker is also a small wristband-like device. It helps in the assessment of exercise. You may have provided your father with a gym membership, but to keep himself fit, he might overdo it. A heart rate monitor will alert your father if he is overdoing or under-doing his exercise. It can also alert him when his body is nearing dehydration. Some devices also provide information about the amount of sleep a body gets. These functions of a heart rate tracker make it one of the best Father's Day gifts.

7. Water bottle

Yes! A water bottle! It may seem a very trivial gift. But it is extremely important to keep one by his side. It is quite likely that your father may forget the amount of water intake his body requires regularly. This bottle can remind him to drink water often. And on the positive side, it will continuously remind him of how much you worry about his health. To make the water bottle more personal, you and your siblings can adorn the bottle with little messages you would like to convey him.

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8. Sport shoes

Sport shoes too play an important reminder to keep your body fit. Gift your father a nice pair of sport shoes and accompany him for good morning jog. An empty stomach run can help in burning more fat. Air quality is better in the morning. It will be a nice refreshing activity for your father.

9. Yoga membership

Some parents prefer yoga than mechanical exercise. Thus, instead of a gym membership, you can gift him a yoga membership. It a natural method of providing enough exercise to the muscles. Yoga helps in the improving the breathing techniques. Yoga reduces stress, boosts overall productivity of the body and enhances the immune system.


Enroll your father in a yoga class on this Father's day
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10. Spend time

At last, spend time with your father. Dedicate this entire day to him. He will be thankful to you for that. Listen to what he has to say to you and tell him what you want to tell him. Communication is the best source of relieving stress. Spending time with your father will give hi, immeasurable amount of happiness and relief.

You can't turn your father into an eternal being, but you can do as little as helping to add a few more years to his life. Happy Father's Day to one and all! 

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