7 Low-intensity Exercises For Overweight Beginners

Starting a workout as an overweight beginner can be tough as it can be difficult to navigate what might work best for you. Here are some low-impact exercises that may be fit for you.

7 Low-intensity Exercises For Overweight Beginners

Dancing is a great way to lose weight if you want to follow a low-impact workout

Working out as an overweight person may be challenging for a beginner. However, it is essential to make a smooth transition and make working out as easy as possible. If you are obese, your weight might add more pressure and strain to your bones, joints, and muscles. Hence, it is integral to follow a workout routine that does not hinder the health of your body internally.

If you are overweight, various mistakes while exercising can do more harm than good. It is important to build flexibility as well as strength in your joints and muscles. In this article, we discuss some effective yet low-impact exercises you should follow if you are overweight.

Here are 7 easy low-impact exercises for overweight beginners:

1. Walk

If you are a beginner, walking is probably the best way to incorporate physical activity into your routine. Walking is extremely low-impact and promotes weight loss. It might also boost blood circulation, increase lung capacity, and promote other functions in the body which might further make you lose weight faster.

2. Jog don't run

Running without gradually adding it to your routine might strain your joints and leg muscles. It is important to gradually increase your body's elasticity and strength. Jogging is more effective in helping you lose weight than walking and is still low-intensity.

3. Stationary cycle

The stationary cycle is another great way to increase your body's elasticity and strength without straining it. As stationary bikes can be stopped at one's own convenience, it is a healthier alternative to bicycling.

4. Modified exercises

Another great way to make working out easy and transitional is to modify various popular exercises. Exercises such as push-ups, squats, leg lifts, etc. may be too straining or painful for an overweight beginner. We encourage you to try modified low-impact versions of these exercises and build up to the original versions over time.

5. Swim

Swimming is another great way to lose weight if you are overweight. Swimming may seem low-intensity but can help you lose weight fast. Swimming and water aerobics are great ways to lose weight as a beginner.

6. Dance

Dancing is another fun way to incorporate working out into your routine as a beginner. Dancing can be modified as per the convenience of the dancer and is very enjoyable. Dancing to beats and different rhythmical music can also boost the production of happy hormones which might further boost your energy levels.

7. Yoga

Similar to dancing, yoga can also be modified as per your convenience. Yoga is also a low-intensity but high-impact workout regime that can help you lose weight quickly. Yoga has also been proven to better the functioning of various other tasks in the body. This might further fasten your weight loss journey.

In conclusion, the key to losing weight in a healthy way is weighing out all the factors. As an overweight beginner, it is ideal to slowly transition into a workout routine, going overboard or indulging in high-intensity workouts might make you prone to injuries and strains.

 Building your flexibility and strength gradually can make working out fun and not straining. Besides this, we also encourage you to follow a diet rich in protein and other nutrients to ensure your body has enough energy to work out.

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