Delhi gangrape case: Fifth accused hiding in Haryana's jungles?

Delhi gangrape case: Fifth accused hiding in Haryana's jungles?
Delhi: The jungles of Haryana are swarming with cops these days. After nabbing the fourth accused in the gang rape case of a BPO employee in the Capital, police are now hunting for the fifth suspect in the neighbouring state.

Three of the accused have been arrested, while one has been taken into custody on transit remand from Haryana. The victim has picked them out in Test Identification Parade (TIP).

"Now we are searching for the fifth and the last accused. We are trying to get information about his hideouts from those arrested. Our teams are tirelessly hunting for the accused Karmu in Haryana," confirmed a senior police officer.

Sources in the police said that Karmu is proving to be a hard catch. "Our team has raided almost each and every possible hideout and we are still continuing raids. It is possible that Karmu is hiding in some isolated area or in a residence in the thin forests. We are gathering information about the accused and we will arrest him very soon," said an officer of Delhi police.

Two of the accused Shamshad and Usman were arrested on December 2 from different villages of Mewat region in Hayana. One of the accused, Shahid alias Chotta Billi had surrendered in Faridabad in a different case and was taken to Delhi on transit remand. The fourth accused Iqbal alias Bada Billi was arrested on December 4 from Haryana.
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