Before Woman's Gang-Rape In Gurgaon, Attackers Choked Her Crying Baby

The woman was raped for four hours before she was dumped on the road, say the police.

Sketches of the three suspects in Gurgaon woman gang-rape case was released by the Police.

Gurgaon: Two of the three men who allegedly gang-raped a young woman in Gurgaon and killed her nine-month-old daughter last week have been arrested, the police said today.

One of the arrested men, Yogender, has admitted to the crime, Gurgaon police chief Sandeep Khirwar told reporters. Another accused Amit was arrested this evening, while Jaykesh - the auto-rickshaw driver - is still missing. The police had released three sketches last night.

A woman police officer has been suspended for not acting sooner on the rape survivor's complaint.

Last Monday, the 23-year-old woman left her home around midnight with her baby daughter after a dispute and walked into her worst nightmare. On her way to her parents' home, she first climbed on board a truck but got off after the driver allegedly molested her.

Then an auto rickshaw stopped and offered her a ride. The two men inside and the driver attacked her.

When the baby started crying, they clamped their hand over her mouth, which is believed to have caused her death. The men allegedly stopped at a field and tossed the baby aside before taking turns to rape the woman.

"All of the accused contributed to the child's murder, they smothered her. The death was due to asphyxia," Mr Khirwar told reporters.

The woman was raped for four hours. When the attackers left, she picked up her baby and went to the hospital.

At a Gurgaon hospital she was told that her child was dead, and she couldn't believe it. Holding the little body, she travelled on the metro to Delhi to visit the AIIMS hospital. 

That she was carrying a dead baby apparently went unnoticed by hundreds of commuters.

The police allegedly did not register an FIR or First Information Report at first, and included the gang-rape charge only five days after the incident.

"There may have been some lapse on the part of the police. We have suspended the lady sub-inspector who delayed the FIR by a day," admitted the police chief.

"Our senior officers, when they got to know that she has been raped, we got her statement and physical examination."

Over 50 auto-drivers were questioned and some detained over the past few days. "We have got to the accused through human intelligence and technical assistance," Mr Khirwar told reporters.


  • Woman gang-raped by 3 men, her 9-month-old baby thrown out of auto
  • She carried dead baby in Metro to Delhi hospital
  • Police released sketches of three suspects; one arrested
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