Winter Diet Tips: Use Saffron In This Way To Remedy Symptoms Of Cold And Cough

Winter Diet Tips: One of the most under-utilised warming winter spices that can be used to remedy symptoms of cold and cough is the incredible saffron.

Winter Diet Tips: Use Saffron In This Way To Remedy Symptoms Of Cold And Cough


  1. Saffron is under-utilised when it comes to treating winter cold and cough
  2. Saffron has warming properties which makes it great for cold and cough
  3. Make a soothing saffron tea to relieve symptoms of cold and cough

Winter time brings festive tidings for the whole world. Apart from celebrating Christmas, Hannukah and other December festivals, people are also preparing to end the year on a happy and healthy note. The quilts are out and it's time to huddle together around fires and sip on hot, soothing beverages. Its also the season of flu and the time of the year when it's easy to catch a cold. A dip in your immunity, resulting in illnesses or diseases can dampen your festive spirits and put a halt to your December party plans. Thankfully, there are a number of home remedies passed down generations to help us deal with winter woes. A number of Indian home remedies for cold and cough make use of warming spices like ginger, nutmeg, etc. However, one of the most under-utilised warming spices that can be used to remedy symptoms of cold and cough is the incredible saffron.

Saffron, known for being one of the most expensive spices in the world, hails from modern-day Iran that still enjoys a large share of the production. It is also cultivated in Kashmir, which produces about one-tenth of the world's saffron. Growing and harvesting saffron is an incredibly difficult and labour-intensive task, which justifies the high price of the spice. So without further ado, let's look at how you can use kesar to counter cold and cough during the winter months.

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How To Use Saffron In Home Remedies For Cold And Cough

There are three easy ways to use saffron to keep your body warm from inside and prevent cold and cough:

1. Saffron Tea (Kashmiri Kahwa)

Saffron tea is also known as Kahwa and is a traditional Kashmiri drink widely consumed in the state. It is prepared by infusing saffron, cloves and cinnamon in water and is flavoured with cardamom. Sometimes tea leaves are added to the mix as well. The concoction is beneficial to consume during winters because it improves digestion and boosts immunity. Cloves and cinnamon are both warming in nature and add to the benefits of saffron in kahwa, which is a lovely golden yellow in colour.

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2. Add It To Hot Milk

Perhaps the easiest way to harvest the benefits of saffron is to add it to hot milk during winters and drink the same to say goodbye to winter blues. The aroma and flavour of saffron is a stress-buster that may help you calm down and get a good night's sleep.

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saffron helps in fighting coldWinter Diet Tips: Kesar doodh or saffron milk may help remedy symptoms of cold and cough

3. Apply It On Your Forehead

An age-old home remedy for relieving symptoms of cold and cough is to mix a few strands of saffron with lukewarm milk and applying the mix on your forehead. The topical application of saffron is said to alleviate symptoms of cold. It is also great for the skin as saffron is rich in antioxidants.

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You might want to be careful when buying kesar for your family as there are many imposters out there vying for your attention! Make sure you only buy saffron from certified buyers. An easy way to differentiate between real and fake kesar is to soak it in water. While both the varieties will change the colour of the water, only the real kesar will retain its crimson colour, while the fake saffron will turn white.

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