"Looks Really Delicious" - Viral Video Of This Massive Paratha Wins Hearts Online

A video showing the making of a gigantic paratha has taken the internet by storm. Read to find out how people reacted below.

'Looks Really Delicious' - Viral Video Of This Massive Paratha Wins Hearts Online

Internet users were quite impressed with this paratha. (Image Credit: Instagram/@indian.foodie.boy)

Desis and their love for parathas know no limits, especially during winter when nothing sounds better than the idea of a piping hot paratha accompanied by a cup of chai.  Agreed? Well, we do too. The best part is that you can make the stuffing with your favourite ingredients. Now, let us take a look at "the biggest paratha in India." The clip shared on Instagram opens with a man spreading paratha stuffing on top of the flattened dough. After packing the stuffing, he starts flattening it with a rolling pin. He then folds the flatbread to take it to the hot tawa, which is equally gigantic. The cook spreads the flatbread evenly on it. Then, he picks up a huge spatula and flips the paratha. It turns out the shop serves this paratha on an even bigger-sized plate. To assist the customers, they slice the gigantic paratha into equal halves and serve it with chutney, curd, and pickles. Take a look:
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This massive paratha quickly caught the attention of internet users. The comments section was flooded with innumerable heart eyes and fire emoticons. Many expressed their desire to taste this enormous paratha. One comment read, "Location?  I wanna taste it." A user channeled their inner wit and wrote, "Mummy bas ek roti khaunga [laughing emoticons]." Another user commented, "Oh my god [red hearts emoticons]." "Amazing," wrote a person. A user spoke on everyone's behalf when they said that the paratha "looks really delicious."

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