Viral Video Of Watermelon Chicken Biryani Leaves Internet Divided

In the viral video, the cooks can be seen adding freshly made watermelon juice to chicken meat to make this unique Watermelon Chicken Biryani.

Viral Video Of Watermelon Chicken Biryani Leaves Internet Divided

Watermelon chicken biryani garnered mixed reactions from internet users.

If there is one food that has no haters, it is the pipping hot and flavourful biryani. Since India is so diverse when it comes to food, each state has its own version of enjoying this delectable dish. Whether it's chicken or mutton, you know your food cravings will be satiated once you have tasty biryani. But just like any other dish, biryani has also had several bizarre variations that people make to tantalize their tastebuds. Take Barbie biryani for instance. However, it does not stop there. Recently, we came across a viral video of a unique version of biryani – Watermelon Chicken Biryani. In the video, shared by Instagram page @villagefoodchannel_official, the people who make this bizarre biryani showed how they incorporated watermelon in this evergreen dish. 

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The video starts with the cooks washing and chopping the flesh of watermelons. Then they transfer the chopped fruit into a big container and start mashing it so that it releases its juice. Once that is done, the cooks strain the watermelon juice into another container to remove the fibre. Then, they wash the chicken pieces. In a big kadhai, the cooks added oil, spices, onions, ginger-garlic paste and prepared the masala. Once it was done, they added the washed chicken pieces to it. After mixing all the ingredients, they added various spices and cooked the chicken a bit. 

Then comes the highlight of the video. The cooks then add a container full of watermelon juice to the chicken mixture. After giving it a good mix, they add basmati rice to it. In the meantime, the cooks prepare a tempering. Once the biryani is cooked, they add the tempering to it. 

Watch the full video of Watermelon Chicken Biryani below:

So far, the video has garnered 400K likes and over 81 lac views. Several people expressed their views after watching this unique combination of watermelon and chicken biryani.

One person commented, “Successfully wasted watermelons.”

Another person wrote, “I miss those days when food is used only as a source of energy.”

Some other reactions are:

“Adding watermelon is simple waste.. could have eaten separately”

“POV: when you completed all normal recipes”

“I liked the part until he poured the watermelon juice on the chicken

“Please do not spoil the greatest dish ‘biryani.'”

“It looks delicious, I want to taste it”

“Nope never gonna taste good”

“Wating for an ambulance after eating”

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What are your thoughts on this unique watermelon chicken biryani combination? Let us know in the comments below!