Dosa With A Twist: Cook Prepares Bisleri Pani Vala Dosa, Internet Is Unimpressed

The cook added generous quantities of packaged drinking water to the dosa batter.

Dosa With A Twist: Cook Prepares Bisleri Pani Vala Dosa, Internet Is Unimpressed

Internet was displeased with the preparation of dosa.

South Indian delicacies strike the perfect balance between tangy flavours and spicy elements. From crispy dosas to soft idlis and fluffy vadas, the variety and taste of the cuisine live rent-free in our heads. Do we need to explain why they have a global appeal? The world is also, however, not new to food experiments. And this time the attack was on a South Indian classic --  the dosa. In an Instagram video that has caught the attention of ardent culinary enthusiasts, a food vlogger showed a bizarre preparation, where packaged water was poured into a dosa filling. 

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The vlogger named the odd dosa recipe “Bisleri Pani vala Dosa.” “Dosa me thoda sa Paani,” she captioned. The clip opened with a street vendor adding common fillings to the spread-out dosa batter on a cooking pan. Chopped green onions, sliced tomatoes, generous quantities of coriander leaves, diced onions, and lots of grated cheese were poured into the batter. The ingredient-infused mix was topped with a sprinkle of chilli and turmeric powder, followed by a dollop of butter to enhance the taste. The chef also drizzled some oil into the blend. 

But wait for it - the most shocking part comes next. The cook brought a packaged drinking water and poured some of it into the batter. With a blending tool, he mixed the ingredients uniformly. Once mashed properly, the components transformed into a spice-coated creamy texture. The vendor drizzled some more water into it and took away the excess fillings with a spatula. With the same tool, he lifted the cooked dosa and served the dish on a plate. 

A flurry of reactions appeared in the comment section of the video. “Dear North Indians... Please don't destroy our food items,” read an earnest request. “Dosa kaha hai? (Where's the dosa?)” questioned another sarcastically.

An individual demanded “justice for dosa.” “Healthy dish spoiled to unhealthy,” wrote a critic. “Pani m thoda dosa (Some dosa in water)” noted a disappointed foodie. 

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