Struggling To Lose Weight In Winter? 7 Ways To Speed Up The Process

In this article, we will bring your attention to a balanced diet chart you can try for a week to lose weight during the winter.

Struggling To Lose Weight In Winter? 7 Ways To Speed Up The Process

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Balanced Diet Chart For A Week: Winter blues are for real and you feel sluggish more than ever. As the temperature drops, you tend to avoid stepping out for walks and exercise, finding yourself tucked inside the cosy blanket for most of the days. In fact, we won't be surprised if you are eating more and drinking less water lately. So, does it become difficult to lose weight during these cold months? To your surprise, the answer is 'NO'. According to nutritionist Pooja Malhotra, despite all the irresistible delicacies including halwas, ladoo, gajjak, etc., losing weight during winter is more feasible. Wonder how?

The nutritionist in a post on Instagram says, "metabolism speeds up" in the colder months, meaning, your body burns more calories to balance the temperature in winter. All you need to do is, remain active and eat mindfully to make winter "the best time to lose weight."

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In this article, we will bring your attention to a balanced diet chart you can try for a week to lose weight during the winter. In fact, you just need to make some basic changes in your regular diet regime and you are good to go. Try this for a week and if you feel light and active, then you may continue following the regime mindfully. Read on.

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Balanced Diet Chart For A Week: 7 Basic Diet Changes For Weight Loss:

1. Start your day with a detox drink:

Whatever time of the year it is, detox water always tops your diet chart for weight loss. Water, infused with various healthy herbs and spices, flushes out the stored toxins in the body and kick-starts the regular functioning of the body. You can boil some healthy herbs and spices in water, strain it, and take a sip empty stomach. Click here for some of the healthier detox drink options for weight loss.

2. Breakfast is important:

Looking for a balanced diet chart for a week to lose some kilos? Trust us, most of the health experts would recommend starting with a wholesome breakfast. During the winter season, as the day passes by, your power of digestion slows down. So, experts suggest having a wholesome breakfast including all the major food groups to give a healthy start to the day. In fact, the best practice is to avoid/limit foods enriched with carbs, and processed fats and have a high glycemic index. Find here some healthy food options you can eat during the winter mornings.

3. Drink lots of water:

Trust us, you need enough water throughout the year. We understand winter reduces the feeling of thirst, and automatically you lower the water intake. According to celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija, this may lead to dehydration, which is often mistaken for hunger. So, to avoid overeating during the season, keep yourself hydrated. "Drink water and 80% of your job is done," Makhija explains.

4. Eat the desserts mindfully:

If you thought giving up on winter delicacies like halwa, ladoos, etc. is an easy way to lose weight, then you are absolutely mistaken. In fact, we believe in making the most of every season, but of course, in limits. Instead of having it at the end of the day and dessert, we suggest relishing the sweet winter delicacies for snacks or during the day, so that you get enough time to metabolize the sugar and fats consumed. Here are some winter special desserts for you to try.

5. Limit caffeine consumption:

During the winter season, most of us go for multiple rounds of tea and coffee to stay warm. But did you know, that this is where you are disrupting everything? According to several studies, excess caffeine consumption may lead to dehydration, which may be misleading. You may think of it as hunger and end up eating much more food than your body needs. So limit caffeine in your balanced diet chart for a week to feel the difference.

6. Go easy with alcohol:

It goes the same for alcohol. The season brings along festivities, which automatically call for parties and alcohol. But did you know, that excess alcohol consumption may disrupt your sleep and dump excess empty calories in your body? The diet tip for winter weight loss is to never head out for parties on an empty stomach. Snacking healthy before a party not only helps you limit alcohol consumption but also controls the meal portions served at the parties.

7. Swear by winter superfoods:

By now, we all know how important it is to include seasonal produce in our diet. Fruits and vegetables, grown in a particular season, load you with every essential nutrient your body needs to stay healthy. But what we often ignore are the other superfoods. In winter, it is important to have enough ghee, jaggery, dry fruits, nuts, etc. to keep yourself warm and fortified, further boosting the weight loss process.

Now that you have an idea about your balanced diet chart for a week, follow them mindfully and stay light and active to enjoy the season's goodness to the fullest. And yes, don't ditch your exercise regime completely. Try to do warm-ups and light exercises at least for 20 minutes a day. And do let us know if these tips helped you to create your balanced diet chart for a week. Happy and healthy winter, everyone!

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