International Tea Day: Swiggy Compares 'AI' To 'Chai', We Have A Clear Winner

On International Tea Day, Swiggy starts a fun face-off between AI and chai. Who do you think will win?

International Tea Day: Swiggy Compares 'AI' To 'Chai', We Have A Clear Winner

International Tea Day is celebrated every year on May 21.

Every year, May 21 is celebrated as International Tea Day. Tea or chai lovers embrace this day to sip on their favourite hot beverage, just like every day, though with a spirit of celebration to mark this special day. Die-hard tea lovers cannot start their day without a cup of hot chai. They look forward to evenings only for their chai break and can drink piping-hot masala tea even during peak summertime. Celebrating International Tea Day, Swiggy shared a fun comparison between 'AI' and 'chAI', and the pointers declared a clear winner.

While AI (artificial intelligence) "takes away jobs," chai "takes away stress." AI can "solve problems." How do you win over that? Well, chai "helps forget all problems."

A funny pointer next: AI "data churata hai" [steals data], while chai "neend churata hai" [steals sleep]. AI may be capable of "world domination," but chai rules with "heart domination." Lastly, and most importantly, AI is "artificial," while chai is "real."

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"Every day is 'International Tea Day' for chai lovers," read the caption of the post.

Here are some fun reactions from AI fans and chai lovers in the comments section:

A user wrote, "Thank you so much, wishing you a very happy International Tea Day." Another user added a cool pointer, "Cutting chai > cutting-edge AI."

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Other brands also shared their views:

"As someone who hangs out with chai a lot, can confirm it's true," Britannia chimed in. "AI doesn't take away jobs-it gives you more time to take chai breaks," Intelekt AI commented.

While sipping on your favourite cup of tea is a great way to cherish this day, you can also celebrate International Tea Day by exploring different teas from around the world. Click here to learn more. Wishing a Happy International Tea Day to all fellow chai lovers!