ICYMI: This Indian Chef Won Fourth Prize At World Tapas Competition 2023 In Spain

Pastry Chef Zareen Shaukat's innovative and flavourful Murgh Makhani Mille Feuille won her the fourth spot at the World Tapas Competition 2023.

ICYMI: This Indian Chef Won Fourth Prize At World Tapas Competition 2023 In Spain

Chef Zareen Shaukat recently made India proud at the World Tapas Competition 2023

Indian chefs and Indian restaurants are taking the world by storm. Among the recent achievements making headlines is Chef Zareen Shaukat's win at the World Tapas Competition. The contest was held in Valladolid, Spain last month. The Mumbai-based pastry chef and consultant wowed judges with her innovative fusion of two delicacies: Murgh Makhani from India and Mille Feuille from France. Audiences outside India know Murgh Makhani by its general English synonym: Butter Chicken. Shaukat's savoury creation consisted of presenting this world-famous dish in a layered form - a technique that defines the essence of the mille-feuille. Shaukat's experience as a pastry chef undoubtedly helped her to nail this particular balance of texture and flavour. Take a look at the photo of her dish below:

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Photo Credit: concursonacionaldepinchosytapas.com

This scrumptious Murgh Makhani Mille Feuille bagged Shaukat the fourth spot at the competition's 7th edition. She was the Indian representative for the event and competed against 16 other talented chefs from countries around the world. Dinesh Kumar Patnaik, Ambassador of India in Spain, presented her with the accolade.

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Noel Moglia from Sweden was placed first and crowned the World Tapas Champion for 2023. He crafted a dish titled "My roots and knowledge", a delicious fried potato bread filled with cream cheese, covered with honey-glazed caramelised onion, crispy shallot and lemon thyme.

For the uninitiated, tapas refers to small plates. They consist of different types of appetisers and snacks. They can be considered as bar bites or simply small treats to be relished before a main course. Originally a concept of Spanish cuisine, it has spread even beyond Latin American and European countries today. Chefs around the world are experimenting with the idea and pushing the boundaries of what tapas can be, as evidenced by the dishes to come out of this competition.

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