This Article is From Nov 30, 2018

Endurance Training May Boost Anti-Aging Effects: 7 Foods That May Help Too 

As per the study, endurance and high-intensity training could slow down and even reverse cellular aging.

Endurance Training May Boost Anti-Aging Effects: 7 Foods That May Help Too

Endurance training may be the key to remaining young and fit, suggests a new study conducted by researchers at the Leipzig University in Germany. The researchers said that endurance training has positive anti-aging benefits, and is significantly more beneficial than resistance training. They found that endurance and high-intensity training both happened to slow down and even reversed cellular aging. Interestingly, resistance training did not show any such positive impacts. The study was published in the European Heart Journal.

Researchers tried to analyse the impacts of endurance training, high-intensity interval training and resistance training on the aging of human cells. For the study, the team examined 266 young, healthy but previously inactive volunteers and later randomised them to perform these exercises. After six months of training, scientists saw an increase in telomerase activity, as well as telomere length among people who did endurance and high-intensity interval training.

Telomere is a repetitive DNA sequence that caps the chromosome and protects it from deteriorating. As people grow older, telomere gets shortened and results in cell death. 

The telomere shortening process is influenced by various proteins. However, an increase in telomerase could slow down the shortening and people who did endurance exercises showed an increase in the secretion of this enzyme.

Participants who did endurance and high-intensity training, telomerase activity and telomere length was found to be increased, which are both important for cellular aging, regenerative capacity and healthy aging, the researchers noted.

Some of the most popular endurance exercises are running, swimming, skiing and cycling. 


Foods That May Have Anti-Aging Benefits 

You can rejuvenate your dull skin by consuming a nutritious diet which can boost cell growth and give you glowing skin and a fit body. According to experts, you need to include as many antioxidants as possible in your daily diet. Antioxidants prevent the process of oxidation, and removes harmful free radicals from the blood. 

Here are some antioxidant-rich foods that are known to have anti-aging effects:


1. Berries

2. Kiwis

3. Green tea

4. Spices like turmeric, basil and cumin

5. Amla

6. Green leafy vegetables

7. Nuts


Include these healthy foods in your diet and make sure you supplement this with regular physical training to lead a healthy and fit life. 


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