A Look At Mira Kapoor's Family Dinner - See What Her Mother And Daughter Made

Mira Kapoor took to Instagram to share a glimpse of a special family meal which her mother and daughter contributed to.

A Look At Mira Kapoor's Family Dinner - See What Her Mother And Daughter Made

Mira Kapoor's latest foodie post is about food prepared by loved ones (Photo: Instagram/ mira.kapoor)

When our loved ones make food for us, the dishes seem tastier. There is something about "maa ke haath ka khanna" (food made by mom) or simply any wholesome homemade meal that uplifts our spirits and makes us feel grateful. What has got us talking about this topic, you may ask? It is Mira Kapoor's latest foodie Instagram post. The star took to social media to give her fans a delicious and heartwarming glimpse into her special family dinner. 

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In the first photo, we see empty plates waiting to be filled with Thai green curry, sticky rice and Pad Thai. In the caption, Mira revealed that this "all-time favourite" trio of treats was prepared by her mother, Bela Rajput. In the next photo, we see a handwritten placeholder on the table. It states that the spot is reserved for "Mama". The next part of the carousel is a short video clip. The camera pans to show three yummy-looking desserts arranged on the table. There are handwritten notes attached to each that mention what they are. We spot apple crumble, ice cream and orange cake.

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In the background, we can hear Mira Kapoor's daughter, Misha, asking the adults to take particular seats at the table. Mira also revealed that her daughter was the one behind the delicious sweet treats. She felt very fortunate to have relished these savoury and sweet delights. She wrote, "Dinner by Mommy & dessert by Missy. I'm a lucky girl (red heart emoji) @belaji_17. My all-time favourite Mom's special Pad Thai and Thai Curry with Jasmine rice. Dessert was Orange Cake, Apple Pie & Tutti Fruity but the yummiest fruit was the apple of my eye (red heart and female fairy emoji)."

Before this, Mira had posted about a wholesome dinner she enjoyed at a friend's home. She wrote, "When you don't wanna eat at home and don't wanna eat out... You eat from your friend's home." Well, who can disagree with that idea? Click here for the full story.

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