Video: Valet Driver In Australia Smashes Billionaire's Two Lamborghinis Into Each Other

The cars belonged to Laurence Escalante, founder of online technology company Virtual Gaming Worlds.

Video: Valet Driver In Australia Smashes Billionaire's Two Lamborghinis Into Each Other

The incident took place at Crown Resorts in Perth, Australia.

For some people, parking a car can be nerve-wracking, especially when the car is expensive and not yours. Case in point, recently a valet driver in Australia made a big mistake when he crashed a million-dollar Lamborghini into another Lamborghini while he was getting the cars into the parking lot at a hotel. According to 7News, the incident took place at Crown Resorts in Perth. The valet driver accidentally smashed not one but two of a billionaire's Lamborghini Aventador Ultimate. 

As per the outlet, Australian entrepreneur Laurence Escalante, who is the founder of Virtual Gaming Worlds, had been enjoying a night at the Crown Towers Perth casino when disaster struck. Taking to Instagram, jiu-jitsu champion Craig Jones shared a video showing the aftermath of the crash.

Watch the video below: 

In the clip, the valet driver appears to have underestimated the power of the Lamborghini as he was trying to park. He is seen sitting behind the wheel in shock as he tries to grasp his own expensive mistake. He is heard saying, "Help, I've really f***** it up here," when the man recording the video adds, "No way, bro, you've just f***ing ripped the c*** off," after seeing the condition of the busted bumpers. 

In the video, the valet driver then gets out of the vehicle and explains how the accident took place. "See how those two pedals are too close together? I was pressing the break, and then it just went," he said. 

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Since being shared, the video has taken the internet by storm. "This guy pulled of the impossible! He didn't just crashed a lambo. He actually crashed a Lamborghini while driving a Lamborghini," wrote one user on Instagram. "It's sad to see a lambo get crashed but worse when you crash it into another lambo," said another. 

Meanwhile, Laurence Escalante posted to his Instagram the situation was being "sorted" and "fixed" by Crown. "Sucks, lesson learned for everyone, but I'm super lucky and grateful for everything," his now-deleted story said.

According to Australia Forbes, a spokesperson from Crown Resorts has said that the incident is still under investigation. There were no injuries sustained from the incident.