US Groom Sports "Creepy" Apple Vision Pro At Wedding, Bride Unimpressed

Jacob Wright, who acquired the headset shortly after its launch, eventually wore it during the reception, even bringing it onto the dance floor.

US Groom Sports 'Creepy' Apple Vision Pro At Wedding, Bride Unimpressed

Jacob infuriated his wife when he sported his Apple Vision Pro headset.

An American software engineer's decision to wear a high-tech virtual reality headset during his wedding photos has gone viral, leaving many questioning his judgement and sparking debate about the appropriate use of technology in such a personal setting.

The groom, Jacob Wright, who works at artificial intelligence startup Runpod, donned the $3,500 Apple Vision Pro headset alongside his bride, Cambree, during their February 10th wedding in Utah. Photos show Cambree with a less-than-pleased expression as she holds her bouquet, while Wright appears oblivious in his virtual world.

The software engineer told SFGATE that playing with new technology is his main hobby. He and Cambree live in Utah - she's a student at Brigham Young University-but he said he's hoping they can move to the Bay Area soon.

Cambree reportedly expressed discomfort with the situation, describing the headset as "creepy" and "uncanny." She revealed that she had to guard the headset during the photoshoot to prevent Wright from wearing it during the ceremony itself, a request he had persistently made.

"I try not to look because it's a little creepy, it's a little uncanny," Cambree told SFGATE on a video call Monday, sitting alongside Jacob. "When he's in the Apple Vision Pro, I let him do his thing."

She then explained that she'd tried to keep the wraparound headset away from the wedding photographer.

"He's like, 'Hey baby, can we get pictures with the Apple Vision Pro?'" Cambree said. "He probably asked me two or three times. I was like, 'No, no, no, we have to wait.' And then I turn around one minute, and he has it on."

Wright, who purchased the headset shortly after its release, eventually donned it during the reception, even taking it to the dance floor.

The incident has sparked mixed reactions online, with some criticising Wright's behaviour as disrespectful and insensitive, while others defended his right to express his individuality.