This Article is From Mar 22, 2023

UK Woman Sells House After Living There For 102 Years

A 104-year-old woman is selling her childhood home after buying it for 200 pounds and living there for 102 years.

UK Woman Sells House After Living There For 102 Years

Nancy lived in the home for 102 years. (Representative image)

A 104-year-old British woman who was born a few months after the end of World War One is selling her Somerset home after 102 years of ownership, according to The Independent.

Nancy 'Joan' Gifford made this decision on Tuesday, her 104th birthday. Over the century that she lived in the three-bedroom terraced house, the world has witnessed many important developments that have actually completely transformed the world, from World War II to the space age and digital age.

The news outlet further mentioned that her family bought the property at 1 The Mead, in the village of Street, for 200 pounds (Rs 20,190) in 1921, and it is now priced at 1,69,950 pounds (Rs 17,15,6289).

The Metro reported quoting the estate agent, Holland and Odam, who said the house was built in 1882 and that it originally featured a communal well for the entire road. When Mrs. Gifford's family moved in when she was two years old, the toilet and wash area were exposed to the elements, and a tin bath hung on the wall outside.

Declining health has forced Mrs. Gifford to move out to the nearby St. Benedict's Nursing Home in Glastonbury. This is why she took the difficult decision to put her home, filled with memories of a long life, on the market.

Mrs Gifford's son John, who still lives in the village, said, "When I was a youngster, there were so many lovely families that lived along the road, and we all knew each other. The times we had as children were fantastic-going across the fields, jumping over ditches, bird nesting, and swimming in the rivers-so many things children do not do these days."

"Back in the day, most children our age knew everybody, and we all had an open house, and it was fine to leave your door on the latch."