South Korean Blogger, On His Trip To India, Enjoys A Drink. Check What It Is

The drink's video was uploaded by Kim Jaehyeon to his personal Instagram account. The video has entertained many people, and it might amuse you as well.

South Korean Blogger, On His Trip To India, Enjoys A Drink. Check What It Is

The video shows the Korean blogger drinking sugarcane juice.

A video of a Korean video blogger is going viral on social media platforms. In a little video clip, blogger and hairstylist Kim Jaehyeon described his first activities upon arriving in India.

He posted the video on Instagram with a caption that read, "The first thing I did when I reached India."The video opens with a shot of an aeroplane window while landing. The video then shows him using various modes of public transportation in India, such as a bus, taxi, and bike.

He arrives at a nearby shop by this local route. He says that drinking sugarcane juice at the shop was the first thing he did after visiting India. He also eats some raw sugarcane near the end of the video.

The video received a tonne of attention in the virtual world and quickly became popular among online users. On Instagram, the video has received over a million views and over a lakh likes. The video has amused many social media users, especially Indians, and they all left interesting remarks in the comments section.

Watch the video here:

"Jaehyeon Try Golgappa; you will never ever forget that it's the best and most famous in Mumbai and other places in India too. I hope Piyu Didi treated you to golgappe one day and that you enjoy it, a user commented. "Indians are moving to Korea and Koreans are moving to India, but we're literally happy to see you," wrote another user. "By watching your vlogs, I knew it from the beginning... that it would be sugarcane juice... in your vlogs, it was about 3 or 4 times, if I remember correctly," a third user commented.