This Article is From Feb 16, 2023

Plane Passenger Watched Movie Instead Of Super Bowl, His Screen Is Viral

The photo infuriated many users on Twitter, who said he needs to be arretsed. Some users, however, offered support.

Plane Passenger Watched Movie Instead Of Super Bowl, His Screen Is Viral

The passenger was watching a movie instead of the Super Bowl match.

A plane passenger is being slammed online after an image from inside the flight appeared on social media. The photo posted on Twitter shows him as the only person on the flight not watching the Super Bowl match. Inside the darkened cabin, every other passenger was glued to Sunday's NFL match between Kansan City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, but one person chose Will Smith-Kevin James 'romcom', Hitch. As soon as the photo appeared online, social media users blasted him for not showing any interest to the game.

The photo was first posted by Brett Hanfling who said in his tweet, "The 1 dude watching Hitch on this plane should be jailed. A menace to society."

It has been viewed more than three million times, with many users posting both for and against comments.

"Where is an air marshall when you need one?" commented one user. "The audacity," said another. 

Others offered him some support.

"Yes I'm sure the people flying during the Super Bowl really care about the game. Let Hutch guy live!" a user tweeted.

"Dare to be different," said another in response to Mr Hanfling's tweet.

Meanwhile, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes on Wednesday vowed to win more NFL championships as the team celebrated with thousands of fans on a victory parade to mark their latest Super Bowl triumph.

Mahomes, who engineered a second-half comeback to seal the Chiefs' 38-35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday and claim the second Super Bowl crown of his career, told fans he planned to be celebrating with them again next year.

"This is just the beginning - we ain't done yet. I'll make sure to hit y'all back next year, and I hope the crowd's the same," he told the crowd.

Kansas City's Super Bowl win on Sunday was the team's second NFL championship in four seasons. The franchise also reached the NFL showpiece in 2021, where they lost to Tom Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers.