Now You Can Own A Secret World War 2 Bunker For Nearly Rs 2 Crore

An incredible WWII shelter with rumoured links to the Dambusters raid is going under the hammer with a guide price of 165,000 pounds.

Now You Can Own A Secret World War 2 Bunker For Nearly Rs 2 Crore

Foxwarren Bunker is being sold with 2.1 acres of commuter belt woodland.

A forgotten World War Two bunker in Surrey, England, is set to go to auction for nearly Rs 2 crore. This unique piece of history comes with 2.1 acres of woodland but lacks current planning permission for development, according to The Evening Standard.

The bunker, known as Foxwarren Bunker, is located near Cobham and is believed to be connected to the Dambusters Raid of 1943. The bunker is going up for auction with a guide price of 165,000 pounds (Rs 1,7247734). This daring mission by the 617 Squadron of the Royal Air Force used bouncing bombs to destroy key dams in Germany, hindering Nazi war production, as per the news outlet.

Michael Mercer, representing the auctioneers, Strettons, says this is the first air raid shelter they've ever sold. Built into a forest bank, the H-shaped bunker features reinforced concrete walls, a stark contrast to the usual corrugated iron construction of such shelters. There's also a currently inaccessible escape shaft due to a broken ladder and overgrown vegetation.

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The bunker was likely part of the Foxwarren Experimental Department, a covert wartime project developing prototypes for new weaponry. It's even suggested that Barnes Wallis, inventor of the bouncing bomb, used a nearby hangar for development work.

The site has attracted interest from explorers, with documented visits on YouTube and online forums dedicated to abandoned locations. While it failed to sell for 300,000 pounds last year, renewed interest has emerged with the recent sale of nearby land.

This auction offers a unique chance to own a piece of wartime history, though potential buyers should consider the lack of development permissions and the necessary restoration work.