This Article is From Jan 20, 2023

Man Fired After Working For Over 21 Years At Microsoft Shares Heartfelt Note On LinkedIn

Layoffs will result in a charge of $1.2 billion in the second quarter of fiscal 2023, representing a negative impact of 12 cents on per share profit.

Man Fired After Working For Over 21 Years At Microsoft Shares Heartfelt Note On LinkedIn

Microsoft fired an Indian employee after 21 years of service.

Amid the news that Microsoft Corp. is cutting 10,000 jobs by the end of the third quarter of fiscal 2023, a LinkedIn post by a former employee of the tech giant is going viral on social media platforms. In his post, the Indian man wrote about his experiences at the technology behemoth and how it feels to leave the organisation after working there for 21 years in two stints.

"Microsoft was my first job after college, and I still remember coming over to a foreign land all nervous and excited, wondering what life has in store for me. After working for over 21 years at Microsoft, multiple roles, multiple organizations, as an IC and as a manager, on client, hybrid, and service software, V1 products and V10+, UX, backend, and everything in between, I can truly say it's been very fulfilling and rewarding. I've learned immensely and grown as a result," the former employee wrote on LinkedIn.

Mentioning how good the learning process has been at Microsoft, he said, "Microsoft gave me many opportunities to learn and expand my skills, and I was able to take full advantage of them." The wealth of experience I gained throughout my career can't simply be measured in years; it is truly immeasurable. And for all of that, I'm truly grateful to Microsoft."

He worked for Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, as the principal software development manager. In 1999, he began working as a software design engineer at Microsoft, a position he held for just over 15 years. After that, he worked for Amazon for more than two years before going back to Microsoft.

Meanwhile, the Satya Nadella-led firm is also grappling with a slump in the personal computer market after a pandemic boom fizzled out, leaving little demand for its Windows and accompanying software.

Microsoft is under pressure to maintain growth rates at its cloud unit Azure after several quarters of a downturn in the personal computer market hurt Windows and device sales.

The company had 221,000 full-time employees, including 122,000 in the United States and 99,000 internationally, as of June 30, according to filings.