Gordon Ramsay Vs Squatters: London Pub Standoff Ends With Dramatic Eviction

A group of squatters, recently removed, had established residence in the upscale pub owned by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay Vs Squatters: London Pub Standoff Ends With Dramatic Eviction

Professional squatters had taken over Gordon Ramsay's $16.1 million London pub.

Squatters occupying celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's $16.1 million York & Albany pub in Camden have been evicted after being served legal papers.

The group, calling themselves "Camden Art Cafe," announced their departure on Instagram, stating they were "sad to announce" they had left the building. They wished those remaining inside "the best of luck in their endeavours."

The self-described "autonomous cafe" claimed to be a protest against gentrification and the HS2 high-speed rail project. They aimed to provide a space for the community, particularly those impacted by rising costs, to enjoy free food, drinks, and art.

The squatters, who used the pseudonym "Gordon" to protect their identities, were forced to cancel their planned cafe after receiving eviction notices.

Their decision to target Ramsay's pub stemmed from the stark wealth disparity in Camden. They envisioned opening an expensive establishment for everyone to use.

The York & Albany, a historic building in Camden, had been closed during lease negotiations with new partners. This closure period provided an opportunity for the squatters to bypass security and occupy the space.

Reports indicate they used kitchen appliances to barricade themselves inside and claimed the pub as their residence.