This Article is From Jan 27, 2023

British Plumber To Spend Over Rs 2.5 Cr To Make Community Hub For Homeless People

James Anderson, who himself spent two years sleeping on the streets, wants to create a 24-hour centre to help the homeless.

British Plumber To Spend Over Rs 2.5 Cr To Make Community Hub For Homeless People

Mr. Anderson offers free plumbing for the elderly and disabled.

When you don't have enough money or the best physical condition to do the repair, even a simple task like plumbing a house becomes challenging. Many people in England share this sentiment, especially the elderly and the underprivileged. James Anderson, also known as "Britain's kindest plumber," assists those individuals in these tasks. He is now moving forward with his admirable goal of creating a 24/7 community centre for the homeless.

Mr. Anderson plans to gather a sizable sum of GBP 2,50,000 (about Rs 25,23,0891) to construct a community centre that will aid the homeless.

According to the Metro News, James was homeless himself for two years, and since getting off the streets, he has been aiding hundreds of needy customers by fixing their boilers and giving out food packages for free.

The news outlet further reported that Mr. James is currently expanding his community interest business, DEPHER, by constructing a new facility in Burnley. Homeless people would be taken off the streets and taught life skills like cooking, cleaning, and paying bills through the hub.

When he was 18 years old, Mr. James travelled from Liverpool to London, where he soon discovered himself living on the streets.

"It was a terrible experience. I got assaulted, spat at, beaten up, and nearly raped. "I would not wish anything like that to happen to anyone," he said.

"I got my second chance when two strangers offered to help me."

"A couple called Beryl and Gordon, who lived near Chipping Sodbury, converted their garage and got me a job in logistics. I lived with them for eight months. "I was earning GBP 300 a week packing pallets to go to supermarkets, and I thought I was the king of England," he said.