Superman's Debut Comic Fetches Record $6 Million In Auction

A historic copy of Action Comics No. 1, marking Superman's debut, has shattered records, fetching an astounding $6 million at auction through Heritage Auctions.

Superman's Debut Comic Fetches Record $6 Million In Auction

The 1938 comic book features the first appearance of Superman.

A historic copy of Action Comics No 1, featuring the world's first introduction to Superman, has shattered records after fetching a staggering $6 million at auction this week, according to CNN. The sale, conducted by Heritage Auctions, marks the most expensive comic book ever sold.

This near-pristine 1938 issue, graded "Very Fine+ 8.5" by CGC, is one of only a handful in such exceptional condition. Experts estimate just 100 copies of Action Comics No 1 remain in existence, making this a true collector's dream, as per the news outlet.

The previous record holder for the most expensive comic book was a copy of Superman No. 1, which sold privately in 2022 for $5.3 million. This latest auction surpasses that mark by a significant margin, solidifying Superman's reign as a pop culture icon.

"Without Superman and Action Comics No. 1, who knows whether there ever would have been a Golden Age of comics-or if the medium would have become what it is today," Heritage Auctions Vice President Barry Sandoval said in a statement ahead of the sale.

The story by Siegel and Shuster unveils Superman's alien roots, sent to Earth as a baby from a doomed planet, and introduces his future love interest, Lois Lane.

Remarkably, this well-worn but vibrantly coloured comic from decades ago remains in "very good" condition. Only two unrestored copies are documented in better shape, and Heritage Auctions estimates just 100 of the original 200,000 printed comics survive.

This record-breaking sale highlights the ever-increasing value of vintage comic books, particularly those featuring iconic characters like Superman. With only a limited number of these comics in existence, their cultural significance and investment potential continue to soar.