This Article is From Apr 15, 2017

Uday Chopra Says Using Fairness Cream Is Not A 'Race Issue,' It's About 'Self-Esteem'

Uday Chopra Says Using Fairness Cream Is Not A 'Race Issue,' It's About 'Self-Esteem'

Uday Chopra says using fairness cream is 'not racist.' (Image courtesy: Uday Chopra)


  • Abhay Deol slammed Bollywood celebs for endorsing fairness creams
  • Uday Chopra said using these products is a 'personal choice'
  • "If fairness creams are racist then so is hair color," he tweeted
New Delhi: Actor Uday Chopra jumped into the debate of fairness cream on Friday, which was started by Abhay Deol earlier this week vis-a-vis a scathing Facebook post in which he slammed several Bollywood celebs endorsing fairness products. In a series of tweets, Mr Chopra explained that using fairness products is "#NotRacist" and in fact it's a "personal choice." But don't think that the Dhoom actor is defending the use of fairness creams because he's not. In a separate tweet he said that the use of fairness creams is not a "race issue," rather "it's a self-esteem issue." The 44-year-old actor tweeted: "What is this nonsense with fairness creams. If fairness creams are racist then so is hair color. It's a personal choice! #NotRacist. (sic)" His also added: "On fairness creams. If you need to use it, do it. It's not a race issue, it's a self esteem issue. Don't do it if you think you are fine! (sic)."

This is what Uday Chopra tweeted:

He also conducted a Q&A session on Facebook and as usual, people were divided in their opinions. Some comentors said that Uday Chopra is right and said 'to each its own.' Another user wrote: "fairness cream wouldn't exist if light skin wasn't still seen as a beauty ideal. (sic)" One user had a rather hilarious take in this serious debate: "Am thinking are you supporting Abhay Deol remarks or opposing it (sic)"

In the end, Uday Chopra signed off saying: "The thing people need to understand about me, is that I don't mind if you hate me, I'm used to it. I'll still say what I think. (sic)"

Earlier this week, Abhay Deol posted a series of advertisements in which celebrities like Shah Rukh khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham and Sonam Kapoor endorsed fairness creams. Each post was accompanied with an "explanation" of how the ads are 'not being racist.' Abhay posted these advertisements soon after a BJP leader controversially said that Indians are not racist because we co-exist with 'dark South Indians.'

Actress Sonam Kapoor went on a different tangent with the posts but that's a different story.