Trolled Again, Shekhar Suman Says His Tweet Was Not About Kangana Ranaut's Simran

"Shekhar Suman cannot dare to take Kangana's name in his petty tweet," read a comment

Trolled Again, Shekhar Suman Says His Tweet Was Not About Kangana Ranaut's Simran

Shekhar Suman and Kangana Ranaut photographed separately in Mumbai

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  1. 'Itna hungama ..itna shor sharaba..nateeja?' Shekhar Sumar tweeted
  2. Twitter thought it was aimed at Kangana's Simran
  3. "He cannot dare to take Kangana's name in his tweet," read a comment
Shekhar Sumar did not really sign up for this. The senior actor, who has an unverified account on Twitter, posted a tweet on Sunday, which has been tracked down as one taking a dig at the box office performance of Kangana Ranaut's new film Simran. Now, it is known that Kangana dated Mr Suman's son Adhyayan some years ago and that it did not end on a happy note. Ahead of Simran release, the Internet remained greatly interested in Kangana's love life and the actress contributed (which has been denied as any sort of PR) with her explosive interviews, in which she referred to Hrithik Roshan and Aditya Pancholi. This is when Adhyayan Suman also trended a tiny bit just for having been associated with Kangana at some point.

Now, Twitter thinks that Shekhar Suman's tweet is strategically timed and is aimed at Simran's collection figures. "Itna hungama... itna shor sharaba... nateeja? khoda pahad... nikli chuhiya," he what he tweeted on Sunday. Twitter was in no mood to tolerate, just as it wasn't back in February this year, and pointed out how Kangana is way ahead of Adhyayan on the success metre. Simran has scored almost Rs 10 crores during its three-day run at the theatres.

"But the film earned more in three days, not like you son's flop films and you too. Stop being jealous," he was told while another comment read: "He cannot dare to take Kangana Ranaut's name in his petty tweet." Another furious tweeted added: "When the so-called man is waiting to scrutinize her movie's BO collection, (it) only goes on to show how much powerful Kangana is."

Having endured the trolls for an entire day, Shekhar Suman tagged the tweet as a "general" one and not for "anyone specific." Read Shekhar Suman's tweets here:

Twitter is still furious and could only manage to hand out words like "losers" and "flop actors" to describe Shekhar Suman and Adhyayan:

This must be a deja vu of sorts for Mr Suman, who was also previously pulled up on Twitter for having appeared to have referred to Kangana as a 'cocained actress' earlier this year. His response then was somewhat similar to the recent one. "One cocained actress was carrying the burden of her non-existent stardom. She has fallen flat on her face and how. Guess this is poetic justice," is what got him trolled. Read his response:

Shekhar Suman's best work includes roles in period film Utsav and on TV shows like Movers And Shakers and Dekh Bhai Dekh. Simran done, Kangana Ranaut will now concentrate on her next movie Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi.

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